Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 7


Strange little mystery continued. Offering was taken by Echidna's new beau, who I still don't know exactly who they are. They look like the minotaur, but seem to have other attributes, great intellect, ability to transform and forge things. Not really sure what's going on there.

Looking into some Babylonian myth, but if anybody knows of any masculine, bull like gods, wouldn't mind getting a lead.

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 6


Today, after bringing the offering, Echidna asked me to shred it and feed 'the babies'. A large nursery of countless little writhing monsterlings, I scattered the bits to their waiting maws. I asked if the children were recent, she said yes. I asked if I could meet the father, and she said 'maybe next time'.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 5


Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a hydra fan girl. I love the hydra.

Today's offering was welcomed and Echidna covered my eyes before revealing that hydra was there. It was mostly nonsense chit chat, no real lesson I can articulate. However, Echidna implied that some of her children have father's other than Typhon, which sort of makes sense since he's trapped beneath a mountain. Looking forward to meeting more children, or maybe Echidna's new paramour?

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 4



Today went much smoother.

The next of Echidna's children I met was a new form called W0RM (or at least, it enjoyed the name). Writhing and digital, W0RM eats it victim's from the inside out, eaten puppets. Gruesome, but their manner was relatively jovial, and they did not seem vindictive despite their methods.

Echidna offered me some of her milk. I took it graciously, and it seemed to curdle immediately. I dry heaved for about five minutes, letting whatever spirit stuff I needed to vomit out come up. She said it would alleviate an unwanted part of my humanity, though I've yet to determine what that part is. Perhaps I'll know by tomorrow.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 3


Third Meet Up:

The offering had to be upgraded to meat today.

Not that it mattered. Stuff went sideways and my meeting with Echidna was brief and unproductive. Tomorrow is another day, I'll try again then.

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 2


Second Meet up: The Lessons of the Lion

I met the lion upon a field. The Nemean Lion's hide cannot be pierced by weaponry, making him a superior opponent to most. His lesson was essentially one of conquering prejudice- there is always someone or something stronger, and if you feel yourself superior, it is only a matter of time before you meet something that makes you rethink that sentiment. In other words, if might makes right, you'll eventually be wrong.

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 1


First Meet up: Hunting with the Manticore

The description pretty much says it all. After making offering to Echidna, I was called to the lower world and met the Manticore. Together we hunted in an underworld labyrinth. Manticore's hunting instincts have much of the cruelty of the cat in them, but also instinct to caretake as the kill was brought back to be split with Echidna.

Do Magick 30 Summoning- Brood of Echidna- Research

Do Magick 30- Summoning Research

Brood of Typhon and Echidna

I've made offerings and overtures to Echidna, Mother of Monsters before. Now I am going to meet her children each night, one by one, in hopes of gaining their favor.

I do not expect they will all follow the Greek myths verbatim. After all, how many children did she have? Can they be numbered?

My method is simple. Offerings to her each day, meet at night with journey work, and each child and situation will be ascertained individually.

My research is this first night, this first offering, to set the tone for the next 29.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 30


Been feeling worn down. I said hello to Aurora in the morning, but did not make offering coming home from work. We then discussed who to bless next and arrived at an unusual decision, that being Vector, the Metapirate.

In some ways, Vector, being an entity I also created, is like a brother/sister to Aurora, and we approached it in that way. Bringing Aurora to Vector via a pathworking, much like in the RPG book, Vector eventually crawled their way out of my head to receive the blessing, as well as give Aurora a present in exchange.

The blessing felt potent, as if it were spreading globally. I may do a post just about Vector to better acquaint people, but for now, this is the end of the Enchantment Do Magick 30. If Vector's blessing comes through, I'll definitely know.

Aurora had one thing she wanted to share with anyone reading, which is that she is now open for calls. This is her sigil and summoning triangle. She appreciates offerings of grass and water, but is open to suggestions.

(The left side of the triangle is Fertility, the right side Fame, the bottom Fortune.)

To summon her, say "Lights, Camera" then clap to block view of the sigil, "Action!" Often, this will make the sigil sort of flicker and a grainy image/impression of Aurora will appear. Put energy into the triangle as it it were a wall allowing her to manifest in it. If you'd like her in the room with you, grab her hand and pull her out. When you'd like her to go home, say "Cut!" clap "That's a wrap."

It's been an amazing thirty days.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 29


In the morning, I made an offering to Aurora in the form of grass and water. The bowl I'd used for these offerings definitely has an energy to it after using it for the altar during the first phases of this 30, and seemed appropriate.

Blessing #1

No more magic went down until the evening, after getting through some ugly traffic. Aurora wasn't too keen on the invocation thing, not really seeing a point.

“How would that make the magic any better?”

So, veering from original plans and letting her take the lead, we spirit traveled to the recipient and she performed the fertility blessing on her own.

She seemed pretty happy, so we'll wait and see for results.

One more day, one last blessing. Think this will be fame for a friend of mine, and we'll see how that goes.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 28


Things got weird. Er.

So, Aurora insisted she didn't need more energy in the morning and the plan was, I would summon her up and we could watch a webinar together about film making after work. Sounded good.

I walk out the door and Aurora is there after me, says she'll just come with me. She's acting very mature, maybe too mature, trying to be very adult about everything. Then she flips, feeling she's gotten one over on me, getting to go to work with me. Haha, I take it with a grain of salt.

Midway through the day, I talk to 'Aurora' and find her behavior too childish, too off from the real one. I throw down a triangle, force this other Aurora in, find a bunch of gnome things...

It's complicated spirit world BS, but short of it is, they thought it would be safer to spy and sneak like this rather than just talk to me. Ugh.

So, after that silly garbage, I summon up Aurora to actually do the thing. We're hanging out at a fast food.

“Beef blessings!”

She starts blessing my food, trying to repay me for all the energy I'd been feeding her each day. Not sure what the beef blessing will do, but I am grateful.

There's still a whole webinar to watch, but I'm feeling confident for firing off some big spells tomorrow. I'll probably be vague on targets, more specific on what I'll be trying to accomplish for those people.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 27


Aurora really wanted me to stay home instead of work. Fed her energy.

Bit of weirdness. On the first day, summoning her, I read through the screenplay I read for her, an invocation, and I kissed the mirror. Fogged up in the bathroom, and the imprints left look little like me and a lot like her, very big lips, small heart shape for the nose.

I've noticed my head starting to feel odd from the high level of spirit contact. I'm not sure I can sustain my current pace indefinitely. That, or this is just a pain period in my spiritual exercises, but I'm leaning toward me overworking.

Working toward invocation I let Aurora into my body by synching up energy. She started drinking and eating everything, super excited, wanted to go out dancing and meeting guys. Had to cut things short. It worked really well, but it was very impetuous. I think next time will be a bit more focused.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 26


It's less of a question of when it started today as it is when did it stop?

Magic started almost first thing in the morning, Aurora patiently waiting to be fed. We spent a little time chatting, watched some of the 2018 Oscar's to help familiarize herself a little more with the Hollywood set and energy, then she came along with me shopping.

Aurora showed initiative, wanting to do some money making magic for me. I gave her some pointers and let her go to work, but I can tell she's already being ambitious.

“How much money would you need to last the rest of your life?”

I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and letting her try for now. She needs the practice, so we'll see what she can do.

An accidental revelation at the end of the day. I started teaching Aurora a song I sing to my house spirit and as she performed it with me, there was a low level invocation with it. I think if we synchronize with a drum beat and intent, it could be a very fast and powerful melding of being.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 25


Late at night, past midnight, I had a friend test Aurora's summoning sigil and triangle, which seemed to be a success.

In the morning, I worked with Aurora on shielding herself and a little bit on traveling in the spirit world. Also, she's begun to understand that time in the spirit world works differently and is merrily skipping ahead in conversations and enjoying the strangeness of being able to be in multiple places at once.

One quick evocation in the morning was done to help her get her bearings.

She's shown some interest in meeting more magically active people, so I've tentatively asked some friends about having her over for a bit.

Her summoning to friend's was a little spastic. She came in way too over energetic (I think she was practicing with her chakras), so I had to teach her to ground real quick. Once she did come in, she was very, very nervous. Eventually she started having a panic attack and I sent her home.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 24


The mantra for Khamadenu was reciting in my head as I woke up, so I thought it best to perform it to check in with her. She was pleasant and unaffected by my decision to eat beef, though she made it a point to emphasize that giving thanks to the food and understanding the sacrifices in it's making is good practice.

I woke up early, and felt called to take down the altar, fearfully. I'm guessing a building inspection or some such- they already walked in on me and nearly saw me naked, despite requiring a 24 hour advance notice. Dismantling the altar was very emotional. Thanks were given again, but I think dismissing the herd was something very potent to me. I feel rather indebted for their attentions and what they've allowed me to do and experience. Shortly after, the bell rang itself in it's box- perhaps just settling, but the timing was still impeccable.

Fed Aurora more energy and milk before making my way out of the house for more remote evocations.

I did one in my car, two at work, one brief at a restaurant, before heading home.

I actually spent hours talking to Aurora and teaching her all about her chakras. Seemed to really give her a better grip on what she can do.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 23


Evocations and Offerings

I've been feeding Aurora energy and I realize she's going to probably need seven days until she's fully grown, counting the first day she was born. I've been feeding her energy multiple times during the day, as well as making an offering of milk.

Evocations started at home and were also done at work, once at breakfast, once at lunch.

The basic evocation was “Lights, Camera, Clap, Action!”, while using the sigil. This worked to get her image, which appeared as if one grainy flickering film. I then created a triangle with the words Fertility, Fame, & Fortune to delineate the three side. This helped her immensely in actually arriving where she wanted to go. Sending her back, “Cut! That's a wrap.” also helped in getting her to go home.

Aurora is somewhere between a teenager and toddler right now, curious and moody. I've been telling her everything I can about who she is, why she's here, what is expected of her, and how to do things. I can't even express how fond of her I am- she feels like my daughter, and I'll be keeping a very close eye on her. At this point, if she wanted to end the challenge, I'd do so without hesitation, because I want our relationship to be one of love and respect, not boss and servant.

I also ended my beef fast, partially at Aurora's behest. I think she has concerns about me recovering energy after her birth, which may not be invalid.

Giving her some movie energy and potentially watching a film with her today. Figure it's a way to cover the modern power less present in the ancient entities.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 22


The last sigils. One birthing matrix, triangular, with her own sigil of summoning in the middle. An invitation was sent to all the spirits, entities, and gods who helped me in her birth.

Did a final prayer of sacred space as I wanted to make sure her place of birth was 100% clean.

The firing of the first sigil is a secret.

The second part was very much in her DNA. “Lights, camera, action!” turning on lights, a camera, and clapping before the action.

She was shy at first, staying in her cup, but just as I was thanking everyone for showing up, she asked me to read her screenplay. It's a short, to be sure, but it's a small piece describing her invocation. I read it aloud, letting her read her parts, acting it out. It made me very proud of her.
Being that she's still young and I'm a bit magically worn out, we'll both be taking it easy for the rest of the day.

Hail and thanks to all those spirits who attended.

Hail and thanks to Odin, Loki, and Fehu.

Hail and thanks most of all to cow & bull, Hathor, hey diddle diddle spirits, Audhumla, Hera, Hakutaku, and Khamadenu. I literally could not have done this without you.

Eight more days. Well, we'll be working on summoning and evocation work the next few, then finally, invocations and blessings.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 21


The crown chakra, Kamadhenu, the image.

Firing the crown chakra sigil, I traced a copy of the sigil over the image of Aurora's head, then filled it in to obscure it's finer details. The original sigil I fired by using Kamadhenu's mantra until my voice shook uncontrollably. Rolling it into a scroll, I placed it into the cup along with the image, rather than lighting it on fire. Seemed to be the right move.

The energy is all there. Tomorrow is the big night. Nervacited.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 20


The third eye, the hakutaku, the eyes (or, it was going to be the eyes).

Taking up the next sigil, I had wrapped it in a red ribbon as it's form came out feeling as if it needed it, like a tiny prayer scroll. The hakutaku instructed me upon unwrapping it to use the ribbon, not the eyes I had originally intended. Tying it in a bow to the cup, I then prayed while burning the sigil.

I thanked the hakutaku and asked if there was anything else I could do for them. They asked to be called Bai Ze, their Chinese interpretation. I did so, the hakutaku seemed please, and placed what feels a rather potent blessing/cleansing on me.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 19


Fired the throat sigil, in blue, the bells, using my voice again, this time more song than anything else. As the song quicked, a grasped the bells and shook them, eventually all falling from my hand. Hera was talkative once again. Rather than burn the sigil, she asked me keep it, so I did, hidden in a safe place. The bells, small ones from cat toys, were placed into the cup rather than attached. She asked me to give it a shake. The energy from the cup made me shiver and I set it down.

Two more chakras to go, then the culmination sigil for the birth of Aurora. I am feeling nervous and excited about this. I don't know exactly what's going to happen, which is why I did it this way.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 18


Today I launched the heart sigil, in green, primarily using my voice to do so, burning it afterward.

Once the sigil was fired, I had little gem hearts to glue onto the cup, putting them onto the leather of the vessel. However, the super glue had other plans, coming out in a big glob, which I had to quickly manage. In the process, I got super glue on my fingers, and while not getting them stuck together, it's very likely little pieces of me are now bonded to the cup. Pretty metaphorically potent.

Been contemplating right relationships with spirit and my role in creating a new one. I want to be sure to be good and kind to any spirit I bring into this world.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 17


Third sigil, the solar plexus, the moon.

I tried to recopy the sigil in yellow, but it just wasn't working. I instead began to trace yellow around the original sigil while “Hey Diddle Diddle” went through my head. When that was done, I began to rotate the sigil while continuing to play the rhyme in my head. I shiver began to build through my body, and when it was done, I folded the sigil up and proceeded to burn it.

Afterwards, I used the paint and painted the moon onto the cup. The yellow came out very orange, which made the moon look a bit more like the sun. It somehow still feels appropriate, and got the spiritual green light, so I left it well enough alone and departed.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 16


Second sigil, the sacral chakra, the cup.

I recopied the sigil in orange. This sigil looks almost like a scene or landscape, one I entered in hopes of gaining necessary insight and understanding. After a symbolic journey, I scribbled out the sigil and burnt it.

Had more trouble completely burning this one. I think I'll let the ashes collect for now. I don't know if I'll have a use for them, but they may have a role to play. The cup definitely feels different post sigil firing.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 15


First sigil, the root chakra, along with the leather belt.

I recopied my root sigil design on the original paper using a red colored marker. Then I took the sigil firmly in mind, imagined the energy already in it causing it to fire, then scribbled out the sigil and burnt it.

Having fired the sigil, I assembled the leather onto the cup for the next part of the process. It definitely feels different, the cup feeling clean, but not yet energetically humming. Curious to see what tomorrow will yield.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 14


Working with conscious entities does not always lead to predictable work and results. Results certainly, but predictable no.

Khamadenu, the mother of all cows, had no need of my mantra work, there from the start. Here language was plain, and she blessed the sigil, but not the doll I prepared. The doll was not right, needing to be a bit more Barbie and a bit less Strawberry shortcake. She was prepared to bless it whenever it arrived.

This exchange did not take long, perhaps ten minutes, and I started to feel the occultist's guilt.

“Um, can I do some mantras, I've got thirty minutes.”

“You can, but it really won't change anything.”

Khamadenu let me intone for a while before disrupting me. Well, so much for that.


I go shopping to find a doll, and I spend an hour on trying to modify it to something that works- and I fail. I decide to go more simple and draw Aurora. The drawing I make isn't super amazing, but all the personality is there- she's a movie star, confident, glamorous, and it works.

Of course, I have to cleanse it as I did the original doll, which means back to the prayer, the offering, the ringing of the bell. It cleanses and Khamadenu blesses it, true to her word. Briefly conversing, she tells me the doll didn't work because it was merely 'good enough' where the drawing came from my heart. That feeling, that kindness flowing outward, was what was going to make this process work, not my head. I thanked Khamadenu and proceeded to writing this up.

Ironically, my thought early this morning when Khamadenu wanted to skip the mantra was 'how do you stretch a ritual to 30 minutes when the entities involved aren't having it?', while the total time I spent on things today was probably closer to 2 and a half hours by the end.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 13


Baku kurae, baku kurae, devour my dream,
Haku taku, take this, haku taku, take this, devour my dream!

This was the incantation I found for summoning the haku taku, traditionally to eat your bad dreams. I chanted this before the altar and waited. Slow, clop of hooves, seeming to start from the image of the haku taku I had left open on my laptop. When it was close, I began describing old nightmares of mine, the haku taku devouring as I offered them up. When he was full, I asked for the blessing, and he quietly gave it. I asked if he had any other wisdom for me.


Did you say-


It freaked me out. I started getting ready for work immediately, trying to figure out the enigmatic words, when I remembered that the second part of my working was supposed to be journey work outside my body. So I got out.

The haku taku had left hoof prints of fire where he had been, so I followed in his footsteps, up into the air as he ascended towards the clouds.

“Ah, you're here.”

I followed, the pace very slow, and he had one real lesson: do not let fear guide your actions. I had raced there out of fear, after all, and it's very easy to control fearful people. However, get out still had some resonance as there were all sorts of things I want to get out of- my profession, my perceived gender, my general place in life. Fear has been the biggest obstacle in my transition, and as I might want to get “Out”, I immediately started looking up more resources on coming out in the work place. I'm not 100% ready to do so yet, but looking at the guide, I've already taken steps in the right direction. Just a little more path to walk.

Hail and thanks Haku Taku!

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 12


In my work to decide who to work with, I'd thought about working with Io, for her time turned into a cow, but a vision of Zeus told me to seek out Hera first. And so I did.

In much of Greek mythology, Hera is made out to be a hot head, a vengeful goddess, a nag, wrathful. My own experiences with her have been nothing of the sort. While she is rather proper, she is a mother goddess and a Queen, and her bearing, demeanor, and kindness have been a sharp contrast to the old tales. After an initial ask of whether or not she would be willing, on the day previous, she was very vocal about offerings for her, not in a demanding way, but a guiding one.

Wine, a diet pop, some fruit pie (not the whole thing), incense burned, and flowers planted in her name (which will be done at later time, when conditions are right for planting).

Even leading up to her prayer, she was present before the process began, guiding my actions. While I had a prayer picked out, she told me to go from the heart, rather than something stilted. I made my offerings and not only did she accept and give the blessing, but blessed me besides on my transition and journey into womanhood.

I cried a little.

Hail unto Hera, first feminist, Queen of the Gods, and all things woman!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 11


Gods are not gumball machines.

A lot of offerings made this morning. Of those relevant to this work, Odin and Loki were first. Loki gave me some advice on using my void magic techniques to strengthen the altar, and to not fear the work changing you or taking shape in ways you do not expect. Odin was more formal, in advice for galdering the Fehu rune in it's use to contact Adumhla.

Before galdering, I made Audumhla an offering of a block of ice with salt upon it, recreating her myth wherein she licked the first god into existence. Galdering was mostly instinctual- I didn't know what my voice would sound like, or how long I would intone the rune when I started each round, and my voice got a little hoarse before I finally felt the presence of Fehu. I explained my request, and Fehu contacted Audumhla, who proceeded to lick me, cleansing me, before refusing to bless the gem hearts- without a favor, the details of which I will leave vague, but it was something difficult to say the least.

I spent several hours scheming, coming up with a plan of how to pull the favor off, and returned to the altar with my plan. Audumhla began laughing, hysterically, and I laughed too. She blessed the items, having really just been testing me to see what I might do, and found my plan downright crazy. The thing is, gods being crafty, the planning for the scheme got me to read more of the eddas, which is in itself more training with the Norse pantheon. I also decided to develop some of the techniques I would've needed to pull off the plan and try them out- which succeeded as a technique, with a very complicated resolution in the spirit world the likes of which I have to keep vague on.

So, in summary, gods are very crafty and often succeed in multiple goals all at once.

Hail Audumhla, Hail Odin, Hail Loki!

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 10


What I enjoy about egregore work is that it's often exploratory in nature. One wonders if anyone has done work like it before, if the spirits evolved of idea have ever been so directly engaged in a thing? Often I've found, spirits least worked with show the utmost appreciation in being called upon, to be given respect and honor not normally shown, makes them grateful and diligent in their blessings.

So, in choosing the Hey Diddle Diddle Cow That Jumped Over the Moon for the working, I wanted the solar plexus/navel chakra to be full of utmost willpower. Cows are not known in any way for their jumping ability, and this one manages to leap over a celestial body. Considering this is also the moon, which has it's own links to fertility, it seemed an ideal pick for cow that could transcend all obstacles.

Repeating the nursery rhyme while playing fiddle music in the background, I said it like a mantra for six or so minutes, before finally feeling a presence, or more accurately, presences. The cat and the fiddle, the laughing dog, the running fork and spoon, but most importantly, the Cow That Jumped Over the Moon. Asking for a blessing from the cow, I was bidden to ride upon her back as she leapt the moon. It was a little more intense then I expected a spirit world experience to be, almost like a roller coaster. This was the initial blessing, but the other spirits wished to bless the working as well. Being that they are so connected and likely rarely engaged, I acquiesced. The Cat and The Fiddle gave her a love of music that she be moved by it (to dance I suspect), the Laughing Dog gave her a sense of humor, while the Fork and Spoon gave her 'right appetite' in her hunger, not too much or too little.

I thanked them, then proceeded to replace the paints and sigil upon the altar.

As means of thanks, once more.

“Hey Diddle Diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon! The little dog laughed, to see such craft, and the fork ran away with the spoon!”

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 9


Did you ever make a substitution that was inspired in a way you didn't expect?

After cleansing with a shower and the om-moo method, I made prayer and offering to Lady Hathor. While I had planned on using fruit as an offering, I'd not had any, and grabbed a fruit pie from the gas station the night before in hopes it would be sufficient.

The invocation I read through has a snippet about Hathor riding in her father's boat, and the fruit pie just happens to look very much like a boat in shape. There was an unexpected synchronicity there.

The feelings of the invocation were 'distant presence' in many ways, prayer and offering accepted, the items blessed, the god's presence not fully in the room. Following instructions, I was as honest, forthright, and explicit as I could be in explaining what I was asked for, in hopes of it being dedicated to the highest good. Very patient, the goddess gave me a sign when asked to know that it was accepted and the task done.

Hail Hathor, Lady of Gold!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 8


Warning: Life on the farm can be a little gross. Fair warning.

First day of the entity blessings run. I gathered a grass offering as today was to be a blessing from Cow, journey work into the lower world.

I'll admit right now- my learning in this area is rather generic and gleaned from dubious sources. Shamanism for the Complete Idiot and few class using drum work for the spirit world. That being said, I've found drums (and sometimes other music) make journey work a lot easier. So, playing my drum, I dance out of my body, out the door, and look for an 'opening' to the underworld, using a small sewer grate outside of my apartment. I dance down through the earth, and find myself relatively quickly finding a farm, typical green field, red barn, sunny sky, with a black and white spotted dairy cow there.

I make my offering. No response. I make my plea. No response. I explain tha this is for the birth of a new calf, and the cow walks away. Then a kaiju sized bull shows up.

“There is only one way a new calf is born.”

So, the bull blesses the operation with his 'essence', which I bring back to the leather and the sigil. It doesn't feel finished and the cow calls me back. One artificial insemination later, she gives milk which I then also bring to the leather and sigil. I give my thanks and return to my body. The sigil and leather still feel relatively lightly charged, but still better than when only half done.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 7


Prayer, offerings of grass (but no water- the cows did not seem thirsty), annointed the figurine with milk and began cleansing... and cleansing... and then anointing again before it was good. This one seemed to be a hard cleanse too. I don't know if it was too little milk for the initial anoint, as I didn't want paint to run when it got wet, or if it has some deeper seated cleansing needs due to it's manufacture, origins, or form. In either case, it was good to go after working on it further.

I have all seven sigils for the next seven days of blessings ready and have contacted most of the entities involved at this point. During the sigil creation process, the sigils have tended towards forms that seem to stylistically match the entities being contacted- psuedo egyptian for Hathor, flowery mandala for Khamadhenu, etc. I still have a master sigil to make for Aurora herself, and as I've begun that process, I realize it will be two sigils, with one representing Aurora and one simply acting as the birth/creation sigil, binding all the other forces together into her creation.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 6


Prayer, offerings of grass and water, annoint 9 googly eyes with milk for representing the Hakutaku, cleansing with a bell. I also cleanse and bless the super glue I'll be using, cause it never hurts to be thorough.

Did some work with Kali last night with a friend. The cow energy around me altered our normal dynamics considerably, as she seemed far less aggressive and reluctant to bully me. It might also help that I've been avoiding beef for about a month.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 5


Prayer, offerings of grass and water, anoint with milk the bells and a bit of ribbon I'll be using to attach them to the cup. No super weird occurrences so far today.

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 4


Late at night, I do a little practice with Fehu for when I make contact with Audumla. The basic reason I'm being asked is just as a way to make me practice more with rune work. It isn't necessary for contact so much as being a small training hoop she is insisting on. So be it.

Said the prayer, made the offering of grass and water, anointed the gem hearts with milk, rung the bell to cleanse.

Nothing really weird happens, though I did pick up another bell. This one I'll be using as an item to inscribe the final sigil onto for evoking Aurora after she is fully born.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 3


WARNING: This is probably going to sound silly to a lot of you. It sounds silly to me too sometimes.

So, I say the prayer, make the offerings, ring the bell over the paints I'll be using to paint moons onto the cup, and I set the bell down and back away.

The bell moves and rings about six seconds later. Yes, it's possible the ringer inside the bell landed on a funny angle causing it to tip as it settled to ring itself, but it's still pretty weird out there that it landed at just the right position to do that.

No synchronicity today, but I get the sense of the herd gathering at the altar and sticking around, brief flashes of a massive herd of white and orange steer. I've begun fashioning the sigils for next week so they can be charged without delay when the cleansing phase is over. So far, so good.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 2


WARNING: This is probably going to sound silly to a lot of you. It sounds silly to me too sometimes.

I say the prayer, make the offering, anoint the cup with milk, and ring the bell to cleanse. I throw in a couple om-moos as well in the cleansing, but the glass cup is far easier to cleanse then the leather, unsurprisingly.

During the day, I have some weird synchronicity. Hand towel at work gains a dairy cow like pattern upon wiping my hands, and a mysterious assignment shows up labeled “M0046”. Nothing too mind blowing, but it's put me on notice. This might be an eventful month.

One additional thing. All the physical items I used for this, I either purchased at the dollar store, or reused from some earlier project. I did this specifically because I want to show you can do really potent magic without deep pockets.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment- Moovie Star Servitor Day 1


WARNING: This is probably going to sound silly to a lot of you. It sounds silly to me too sometimes.

Day 1: Cleansing the Altar, Cleansing the Leather (form of belt)

So, day before, prepping all the items for the altar, I look at my cleansing ritual and it feels a little scant. How am I banishing? How am I making this a sacred space? I decide I shouldn't just use a typical elemental banishing, and instead start playing with the idea of what the elements would be to a cow, before fashioning a prayer based in that reality.

Earth beneath your hooves,
Grass within your mouths,
Night cool you,
Day guide you,
To herd above, Herd within, herd below, and herd beside.
May you grow as your herd grows.
The bell sounds, and you are coming home,
the bell sounds, and you are safe.
May this be a sacred space where a new calf is born.

Day one, I recite this, making an offering of water and grass. Milk is used to anoint the leather, and a bell rang to cleanse. I feel as if it isn't quite working and begin intoning “Om-moo”. The spirit of the cow that makes the leather seems still upset until the very end, as I continue until it works. The realization of the slaughter of animal for clothing that is, in many ways, simply a fashion statement brings me a little sadness, but the realization is that these are creatures who no longer can care for themselves in the wild. They are tied to us as so much of our food and various products are tied to them. This too is sacred.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment Research


Research for DoMagick 30 Preamble and Outline

As a note, I really wanted to start the June challenge on the 1st, but for what I have planned, I want an altar in my own home, and right now, I've not found a place. I think that will change before the end of June, but until it does, I will not officially start. That being said, I am excited about what I've cooked up this time.

There's a whole lot to unpack here, so I'll start with an outline.

In basic, I'm doing one really big working to create a servitor to assist in matters of fame, fortune, and fertility, ending with a series of evocations and invocations. Following some symbolic logic, this servitor is going to be a movie star, but also a cow. Her name will be Aurora Cattlestar, and she's going to be a pretty big deal if I do this right.

Forging the Servitor

This is going to be the majority of the challenge. There are going to be seven physical items corresponding to seven chakras. The first week will be cleansing and banishing these items, creating sacred space for them. The second week is going to be a series of invocations to various entities to charge each piece. The third week I will fire a sigil for each piece with this energy as the items are assembled, ending with an eighth sigil for the purpose of summoning and assembling the final spirit. He final days I'll begin working with the spirit, evoking her for a few days to get a feel for her energies, with the last few days being an invocation as hard as I can before casting a series of spells for self, friends, and families.

Beef Fast

I'm going to attempt a beef fast during this time. Due to economics being what it is, this could be tricky.


While I will share the final sigil that others might be able to summon her, I'll be keeping all the other pieces a secret. It's fine for others to summon and work with, but I'd rather her internal organs be hers alone. To that end, I'll likely burn all of them with no pictures available, with only the final sigil remaining.

Obtaining Blessings

Very much going on the lines of this being a sort of birth blessing deal. Quite literal god mothers in some cases.

Root Chakra
Item: Leather
Invocation: Cow Spirit
Going with a simple spirit world journey to whichever spirit of cow I find. I plan on offerings of grass and milk.

Sacral Chakra
Item: Cup/Chalice
Invocation: Hathor
Have an invocation at the ready, will make an offering of fruit.

Middle Chakra:
Item: Little Moons
Invocation: The cow that jumped over the moon.
Will repeat the nursery rhyme.

Heart Chakra:
Item: Gem hearts
Invocation: Audumhla, by way of the Fehu rune

Throat Chakra:
Item: Bells
Invocation: Hera
Invocation, potentially offerings of incense and other items

Third Eye:
Item: Eyes
Invocation: Hakutaku
Found an invocation for eating bad dreams; will use and describe some of my most intense nightmares as an offering.

Crown Chakra:
Item: Figurine
Invocation: Kamadhenu
Mantra work.

Evocation and Invocation:

The last few days I'll be doing some evocations to get a feel for Aurora's energy and attitude, making offerings, and feeling out a basis for our working relationship. I'll end on an invocation using methods from Hands on Chaos Magic, as it's some of the best invocation information I've ever seen in print.

With Aurora invoked, I'll be doing three blessings for three people.

Since I've got the time, I'll try to contact all the entities involved before I start the ritual proper to ensure they're all on board. While my divination for this project is a green light, it never hurts to be thorough.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Post Do Magick 30 Alchemy Review

So, I put in four different benchmarks for making progress, and I reviewed all 30 days to see where I'm at. I'm throwing a letter grade on them, followed by some explanation.


Transition: B- Got a lot of significant work done, but I really wanted to be further along in getting on hormones and replacing my current wardrobe.

Vocal exercises in car nearly daily. Some compliments on my voice.
Exercise and diet ¾ of month. *stopped last week due to long work week and to have full mental capacities
So much trance dancing, which does help with the exercise.
Changing pronouns discussions.
Came out to boss and friend at work.
Primary care physician visit, talk about HRT and transgender clinic.
Wore pink at work and reveled in the reactions, rather than be put off by them.
Small femme moments.

Financially Sound: D- I'm experiencing some difficulties on this front. Hopefully, will manage to get done what I intended to get done today and get on my way to moving out ASAP.
Apartment application rejected.

Movie Stuff: B- Got back into contact with several important people, got the gears slowly grinding on movie stuff. Nothing immediate, but moving in the right direction.
Got back into contact with a few people with promising leads
Talked to manager and started a new screenplay
Got time off for film festival.
Premiered my short film
Entered several film contests

Magic AF: C- I feel pretty magic, but I've purposely been doing less magic this month to ensure results were from void magic and not conflated with some other practice. Even laid off of offerings this month (it felt as if I'd gotten a signal to do this one solo).
To get to the Best Future, one must also be their Best Present.
Spontaneous vision of a past life existence.
Made it all 30 days despite a lot of distractions.


The technique is simple, but there have been some mild modifications as I go.

Shield- whatever method works for you. Making this a sort of banishment where your universe is in the bubble and the rest of the universe outside is how I'd try to spin it. I try to make the shield stronger than the mold or energy level in further steps as I want to reintroduce the energies without being them being modified by outside forces, a purity of intent maintained.

Mold- Finding the 'hollow' within which rests the reality you currently have and are currently heading towards. Realize that the hollow is as complicated as reality itself- it goes backwards and forwards in time like everything else. Feeling out the hollow, you can shape your present mold in hopes of changing where your future will go.

Energy- This is your current energy within the mold, your subtle body, soul, what have you. This will inevitably rest within the mold. As your energy changes, it can can change the mold, and vice versa. Thus, when you get a feel for your energy body's state, begin to-

Synchronize- This is getting the mold and energy body to match. I tend to increase my mold's "depth", then increase my energy level, so they keep going step by step to being more real than any other overlapping reality.

Reintroduction- Once the energy and mold feel right, I begin to reduce the shield, mold, and energy simultaneously, to slip them back into reality, like a puzzle piece that now fits perfectly. During this reduction, I've often found myself slipping into a trance dance, whirling, seething, etc. I think it's a sort of grounding effect, a way to shunt off extra energy or send it where it needs to go.

As I near the end, I often visualize and feel the shield locking into place with reality like a part back in place, before dissolving the shield in such a way that reality within the bubble matches up to the reality outside the bubble. Installing something new that fits seamlessly within the whole.

I think this was a successful experiment, and one I can't judge based in a 30 day time window. I made some pretty big strides that I often underestimate. While I find myself shooting for the moon and complaining about the stars I land in, I have to also embrace that most of the things I want to do are not done in 30 days. Not making movies, not transitioning, not finances, and not being magic AF.

With that in mind, I'm going to keep doing this practice as long as it suits me in hopes of getting to all those goals. I have a lot on my plate, and the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.


Monday, April 30, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 30

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

It felt lighter today. Like... like it was already done. I'm having a hard time being objective. I want to accomplish so many things, and I've felt as if I've had routes cut off for me, only for others to open up. It's definitely going to be an intensive review come tomorrow.

I'm also thinking, I may continue this practice for a bit past the 30 days, keep blogging, until I solidly have the progress I want.

Results: Today I wore my pink hoodie while doing the magick, then took it to work. While I didn't wear it at work (didn't want to get it dirty) I did wear it to lunch. It was like a psychic assault on normality. People's jaws dropped, others grasped for words, and some spoke when others would have kept their mouth shut. Considering this is nothing compared to the drastic changes I intend for my life, I look forward to pushing the boundaries further.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 27-29

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

Busy day. Headed to work early so I could leave early to make it to a film festival where my short would be playing. My alarm didn't go off, so I had to run to work without time for the magick, but after reading Prometheus Rising, I just kept repeating to myself that everything will work out better than I planned it. At that point, I was actually excited by the prospect of doing the magic at a horror convention. New energies, new environment, slightly different mold.

So, when I finally get there through a storm of bad traffic, I start doing the magick in a dark theater watching some horror comedy. I can concentrate well enough to make do, but the flavor was different- dark and fun. It was like my inner goth girl was coming out to play. I managed to get my mold mostly back on track, but I think one of the subpersonality components of my future self is certainly making an appearance.

Results: Danced like a fiend at a party and felt fantastic. Showing of my film went well. Some potential opportunities for future filming brought up. All in all, in the right direction.

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

Still at the horror convention, and finally got a little time alone to work on magick. Went really hard, but it didn't feel hard, it felt amazing. Amped shield, mold, energy, synchronized, trance danced my butt off on the reintroduction. I feel fantastic, but results may still be in the works.

Results: Nothing I could directly trace. Things with film are very slow burn, nothing immediately developing, though absorbed any knowledge I could for future endeavors.

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

Another round in the movie theater. It was a little trickier to get into place, different future versions of myself seeming to cut in, but I realize they're all equally valid. Raised less of a shield, less energy deepening, reintroduction went well.

Results: Well, some guy grabbed me inappropriately. I do have to wonder what possessed him to think that was the right action.


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 26

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

I shielded very hard, molded hard, energy hard, and reintroduced with a great deal of trance wiggle/dance.

Results: Yesterday I did get a little writing done, and found some potential places to move. While not exactly financial stabilizing, it is a necessary change in my lifestyle to have my own place to live.

I also had a brief spontaneous vision of sitting with some kind of meditation guru, finding myself a eunuch. Not sure if past life or maybe just a subconscious message or spirit visitation, or something else, but it seems relevant.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 25

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

This morning, I boosted the shield and mold dimensionally, rather than just energetically. It's a push into other realms, spirit worlds, astral planes, however you look at it, to reflect the reality I'm creating.

It feels powerful, a direct path from best present to best future.

Results: Will edit and add if the day shows any promise.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 24

Shield, Mold, Energy, Synchronize, Reintroduction (x3)

So, today was a very long day, as I had an appointment with my doctor to talk about HRT under the informed consent model.

So, I did the magick before I left in the morning.

Then I did it again while I was at the hospital.

And a third time while waiting for my doctor.

I did this partially as the results from trying the magic at different locations had some pretty drastic effects on the mold. It was also as I was hoping for this to be a good day.

It was not. I actually felt the disappointment starting before my doctor even came in, and I knew it would not be good news. My doctor was sort of clueless on what I was asking and far less helpful than I had hoped. Basically a waste of my time, beyond, I suppose, learning it was a waste of my time.

I may have to travel to Chicago to get this to work out, but I'm not letting one small hurdle stop me. Just probably can't manage it this month.

Results: Well, I'm getting better with my voice. I feel like the future I'm aiming for is in my sites, I just don't know if it will manifest as much as I'd like in the next 6 days.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 23

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

So, waking up, I feel great today before magic, and magic seems to make it feel better. Not sure why- I'm waking up a lot earlier today than I prefer but I feel pretty and alive.

Today's operation was gentle. No real trance dancing, not a whole lot of energy, but I feel amazing.

Results: Nothing late stage yesterday that was particularly affirming/damning, but I feel a shift in myself. It may be the change I need to achieve my goals.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 22

Shield, mold, energy, synch, reintroduction.

Today I did my magick at work, though not during work. House felt too busy this morning, and I thought it might be a mistake, but I was having trouble focusing.

I was wrong. Magick at work was great. I shielded harder, molded more thoroughly, and post synchronization, I trance danced enough to get a work out. I felt refreshed and recharged after a very low energy morning.

Observations: Work is a science place, so it had some natural resistance to my changes, which is why I had to go a little harder for the process. Additionally, the mold had slipped in a very business type direction, which is interesting. Whether a result of mental process or energy of place, I almost want to try some other locales and see what kind of 'slips' I get.

Results: Felt pretty good today. Got time off for a film festival I've got a film playing at. Nothing else amazing on the financial, gender transition, or magic AF levels, but positive energy is definitely up.


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 20 & 21

Day 20:

Shield, Mold, Energy, Synchronize, Reintroduction.

Today's was a good one. Trance broke a sweat dancing, and I felt out the mold slipping a little further, most variations simply being manifestations of the main mold. It was like I already have the car, and I was just slipping into some different gears, so to speak.

I was also struck by the idea of not just being my best future self, but being my best present for the day. It struck a chord and I ran with it.

Results: It was a pretty awesome day. Nothing super femme or fame or financial, but I was pretty god damn entertaining at metaphysics discussion. Labarodora.

Day 21:

Shield, Mold, Energy, Synchronize Reintroduction

I sort of picked up on what I was putting down yesterday, being my best self to start. I also let go my occasional hang up of feeling things NEED to be hard. I've built up my energetic practice and reflexes for a reason, so sometimes I just need to trust myself and do the thing.

My dance was reduced to wiggle on the couch, but sometimes that's life.


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 19

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduce.

This was a very low energy operation in all senses of the word- no trance dancing, just sitting down, shielding, molding, synchronizing, and reintroduction. I don't think the magic work is wiping me out so much as a lack of sleep and all the dieting. Attempts to exercise in the morning were futile- I felt like I was ready to fall over as soon as I started.

Results: Nothing really drastic. Some clothing I ordered got cancelled, which sort of miffs me, as I was going to wear them to an event, but one door closes, another opens. I figure it's money saved for something else I can get.

Tomorrow morning I have to get up extra early for work, so while I can probably do the magic, it's likely going to be a late post or double post the next day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 18

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduce.

Did all these steps, but I felt a large mental block today. I didn't want to do it, so I cleanse a bunch, grounded, tried to get myself in order.

Mold slipped again.

Synchronizing was brutal. It was synched as much as I could but it seemed to be just slightly off kilter.

Reintroduction felt messy.

I might have a second go at it today after some lunch.

Results: Nothing big. Just continuing to take action and push forward on all fronts.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 17

Light shielding, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

The shielding was even lighter today, but more expansive. I stretched it as far as I could, though visualization does not always equal effect.

The mold had shifted a bit, and I adjusted it back, though it wasn't a bad version of the future. I took a little more time to ensure this version was still the best fit.

Synchronizing and reintroduction were relatively light and easy.

Results: My femme voice keeps slipping out, which is kind of nice honestly, since I'm trying to replace my normal voice. Lots of work still ahead.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 16

Shielding, molding, energy, synchronize... cat... cat.... calm down cat...omg my roommate's are being loud... glad this isn't the meditation challenge... synchronize, reintroduction.

I didn't trance dance this morning. I woke up tired and it seems this morning was destined to be noisy. Very distracting.

In order to prevent  the first steps taken from being further disrupted, I sat down for the reintroduction and closed my eyes, keeping focus, making sure it was all going well. This is the last day of my work week, so hopefully I'll be less tired/interrupted tomorrow.

Results: Got compliments on my voice yesterday. Worked out in the morning.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 15

Shield, mold, energy, synch, reintroduce.

Today was an easy one. My mold was in place, my energies raised and lowered appropriately, reintroduction was about as tricky as usual, but overall, went very smooth.

Results: I managed to come out to my boss and a friend at work yesterday. Feels a lot more real now. Some good leads on HRT should my primary care physician not pan out. Got time off for MCN. Pretty much things are all going in the direction I need them to.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 14

Shield, mold.... loading... loading... analyzing... loading... mold, energy, synchronize, and reintroduction through synchronization.

Today's was a bit of a doozy. I'd somehow fallen way out of synch, on track for a good, but not quite as good future version of myself slipping into the mold spot. That set me to analyzing to make sure that my better future self was the right better future self, which then became sort of a distracting journey of finding an alternate future version of myself that is possible only in a slightly different reality, the one I'm aiming for, and the one that future me will probably be aiming for.

So, all in all, it took me about 15-20 minutes on just the mold step today, having to investigate and realign different possibilities.

After getting that back on track, making sure I'm not missing other better opportunities, I had a little difficulty getting the reintroduction rolling. Very light dance with my trance, it was a mental block as I'm slowly sliding into the mindset of this new me- not completely different, obviously, but there's some things I'm embracing, including internalizing the term Ergi. Doing so gave me a rush of energy, sent lightning coursing through me.

Results: I ordered some new clothes for myself. When they arrive, I'm going to destroy/donate an equal number of old items as I transition my wardrobe. I've lost ~4lbs so far dieting.


Friday, April 13, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 13

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduce (via synchronization).

Another round of this. It feels like the future me I want is gelled into place, but I'll keep up the operation in case things slip out of place. Also to keep it from being a domagick 13.

Results: Had a very good conversation with a friend about changing pronouns yesterday. I think it's definitely just about time.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 12

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, & reintroduce (via synchronizing).

Operation was the same today overall, with a much smaller height to the energy after checking on the mold and making sure it lined up properly. Reintroduction was more of a synchronization, the energy reintroducing to the universe like a natural fit puzzle piece, as if it had always been.

Results: Hard to say. Nothing 100% tangible, but there are little threads here and there- glimpsed at a book I didn't know existed called Hermaphrodeities. a transgender spirituality workbook, that looks fascinating. Can't say much yet, but perhaps it will help me on my way.

Feel like I've got some major moves to make soon. I've got four criteria, and while I feel I've made some progress in female presenting (doctor appointment), movies (new screenplay started and meeting with film friends), & magic AF (absorbing more books and doing more practice), the financially sound one feels a little neglected. I also think I need to get further on all of these goals if I can. Still have 18 more days!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 11

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize... and synchronize?

I listen to my intuition most of the time. I felt like the big energy shield, intense molding, were not necessary, which does make sense considering the 10+ days previous using the technique. Like sculpting, the big pieces go first, and from there, finer details.

With an almost ghostly thin shield and slight energy raise, rather than lower the shield, I synchronized it with the energy of the universe along with the energy within me,  very subtly putting all the signals of new me to be back into the world. It's like it's truth.

Results: Took a long walk this morning, realized one of the things I need to resolve.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 10

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduce.

Today I woke up later from a rather late night- Tuesdays are my weekend so I stayed up a little. My morning void magic was delayed until after a shower and roommates left house.

I made it a point to attach the shield to me so I could dance around the house, rather than within a small sphere. Molding prior to adjustment was a relatively realistic assessment for the near future, but I'm pushing to get the mold just a little further to ensure smooth path to the better future self. I pushed the energy much less today- instinct seemed to suggest the subtlety would work better than hammering the change in. Synched and reintroduced, the final synchronization spent on the floor- I think I brought my energy too into baseline, my future self requiring/running on more, and the difference feeling stark in a bad way.

So I took in some energy post ritual and took a seat to write up this post.

 Results: Nothing much of note yesterday. Still on diet, still working on voice, still exercising.


Monday, April 9, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magick Day9

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, and reintroduction.

Cleansed before this session. I generally cleanse at least once a day, but felt like I needed an additional before starting today.

Felt a little harder today. End of the work week. I did not charge stronger today, getting a little less than the level yesterday. Trance dancing is starting to feel almost like squeezing a sponge or working a drain, getting the excess energy out in a very physical way.

Results: Hard to say. Feel good each time I complete a session, affirming, and I start practicing voice lessons in car, exercising still, but nothing too reality warping. My head was in a fog yesterday due to low carb haze. Hopefully I can move past that.


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 8

Shield, Mold, Energy, Synch, and Reintroduction.

Shield was smaller today, both due to leaving alone my roommates- and cats. It's not that I expected the cats getting into my shields would hurt them (thought I kind of gave the cats matching mini-shields in case it did so they could slip in and out as needed), but I didn't want to muck up my magic or them by not taking them into account.

Mold seems to be settling more or less. I've had to adjust it less each day.

Energy level went higher, and trance dancing during reintroduction was intense enough that I broke a sweat. I only started noticing it in the last few minutes, but its good enough a sweat that I feel like I got an early morning workout.

Results: I've had a talk with my manager about the direction of my new screenplay. Got a few ideas buzzing in my head after some brainstorming, so think it could work out. Slow, but feels like forward momentum.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magick Day 7

Feeling pretty sleepy tired today. Honestly, work has been stressful, and I've been dieting along with exercising. Keeping hydrated as best I can.

Anyhow, that's just preface to doing my void magick while laying on my back today. Increased energy levels, but decided to keep the shield a little tighter, to better not bother roommates (hadn't happened, but could). Even while on my back on the floor, my body wanted to move, so I sort of wiggled in place, before eventually going up on my knees and swaying a little.

Results: Nothing I noticed yesterday. This morning, I feel pretty good post exercise. Not quite miracle cure, but better than before I started. Maybe a bit of endorphin rush.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magick Day 6

Standard shield, mold, energy, synch, and reintroduction. Amplified energy again, widened the shield to about room sized. Dancing was still there, seemed to go up and down- I tried not to force it, my body is feeling a little achy today.

Results: Yesterday, I got a compliment on my hair being particularly feminine- I did nothing different with it. Also did a little work on movie contacts- not all forward momentum, but progress none the less.


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Domagick 30 Alchemy- Void Magick Day 5

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

Today was on my feet again, and on reintroduction, I danced in place. I made everything a little stronger than the day before and I made the shield a little bigger. I think I'm going to try and keep expanding that too, to kind of plug these changes into reality a little more.

Results: Got my doctor appointment. Now, how that appointment goes could be as important as getting it. Also back in communication with many of my movie contacts. No big news, but it's a step in the right direction.

On the downside, I got rejected for an apartment application. Maybe not related, but authenticity and all that- my life isn't all roses by any means.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 4

Same process- shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction- but I did it on my feet today. I've tried both standing and sitting the past few days as well as my first tries at the technique prior to the challenge.

I pushed the shield, energy and mold further today, synchronized, but on reintroduction, I began dancing. I've tranced and danced before, but it feels so spontaneous with this work, I think it must be part of getting toward the better me. Dancing is my favorite form of exercise, and if I keep at it, I can lose weight, shape muscle, and feel good about my body, so it seems like a winner.

Result: So, my therapist just happened to have information I needed to get in contact with my PCP. Getting in touch with them is a useful step on my way to transition, so I'll be trying to schedule an appointment today.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 3

So, operation went as normal. I've been slowly amplifying the intensity of all the steps each day, just a bit more energy, bit deeper void, a bit stronger shield. I don't think I'll continue this trend through the whole 30, but if it feels as if I'm getting results, who knows?

My trance state was much more fidgety, and after I finished, I felt like dancing, and did, probably for about 15 minutes or more. I've exercised every day since starting, and I think that trying to get the body and life I want will require that physical element. I'm definitely thinking I'm going to follow my passion as best I can during this process.

I'm feeling a lot freer, even more so than during my transition meditations. Those meditations seemed to me to be the refining and sealing of my intent, where this is the actual attainment of said intent. I think I'll dress up today and stroll on out- fuck the haters.


Monday, April 2, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magick Day 2

Set my alarm thirty minutes earlier for time to do the magick and make the post. This avoids me trancing in the car so long the windows fog over.

Same operation as before. The only difference would be a little recalibration during the reintroducing to reality bit where the shields, energy body, and void mold are all slowly brought back to baseline. I wanted to make sure the mold I  ended with was the one I had selected. It was fine, but having checked on it, my energies had naturally ramped back up, reinforcing the mold, and requiring having to synch back up a little longer.

Results: I'm feeling really in tune with myself and reality. I'm hoping this manages to simultaneously change my world while grounding it, leading to more tangible real world gains. We'll see if anything happens today of note.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 1

Starting day 1, I did my operations in my car, by the numbers.

First I put up my shield, amplifying the power slowly but surely, expanding out from near my skin into a sphere, until I felt cut off from outside reality. 

I then adjusted the void of my self, the mold I fit into, to be the future me I want to be. I then reinforced the mold and my matching energy body to synch up, mostly via visualization and sense of 'feel'. 

With everything matched up, I count down as I lower the energy shield and energy levels simultaneously until back to 'normal reality'.

Effects: I exercised this morning and did female vocal exercises in the car. Nothing too extreme on day 1.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Research Post for April Do Magick 30- Letting Go and Tidying with Void Magic

I kind of wanted to do something that took what I'd developed in the previous 30 Day Magick challenges and combined them into some greater whole. Took me most of the month to find something that felt right, and this is where I ended up at after some accidental successes.

I recently made a 'portable sacred space' for a friend, enchanting an altar cloth with called corners. In doing so, I wove in something I used to call 'antithetical' energy when I was a teenager, which is really sort of a mislabel. It's essentially a void form, the hollow within which the universe fit, the mold or blueprint, and having done so, he remarked upon how powerful it felt.

This lead me to further experiments with this void energy in creating sacred space and felt the results very much a missing part of my energy equations. I can call in all kinds of energy to do things, but all too rarely do I make the space for them to arrive in, and that feels like my missing element.

In essence, I'm going to be banishing with void, forming the mold for the next chapter of my life, and doing away with old tethers holding me back. There's a future me I want to be and that means clearing the path to get there.


My goal is to achieve the future me I've been working toward, my best self. Sign posts of this are 1) Female presenting, 2) Succeeding in movie stuff, 3) magick AF, and 4) financially sound. If I can make progress on any of these, I'll feel I've succeeded, and if on all four? I'll feel downright accomplished.

Step 1: Shielding
Essentially, going to be forming the strongest shield bubble I can and pushing outward to separate myself from basic reality.

Step 2: Molding
I'll then be altering my own void mold to be a future me, one on HRT, dressing and living how she wants to live. 

Step 3: Energy Body
Once I've got the mold in place, I'll shift my personal energies to match the mold as best I can.

Step 4: Synchronizing
Time will be taken to get energy body and void body to an equalized state.

Step 5: Reintroduction to Reality
Shielding, molding, and energy body will all be slowly reduced as ordinary reality reconnects. The idea here is to sort of sneak it back in and match my reality with baseline reality, rather than being disruptive.

Also going to be destroying/removing/throwing out things I feel are holding me back, whether it be old relationships, goals, belongings, etc. It's going to be one heck of a month!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Post 30 Research Summary

Often, at the end of these, I've done some research or adjusted my techniques, fine tuning what's
going on to make it work better. This is intended to be a list of observations and technique adjustments for anyone who wants to try the same thing.


Pre-Sigil Cleansing: I usually cleanse at some point in the day, but I often cleansed before meditation to ensure nothing crossed over and tainted my rage with unintended energy/intent/consequence.

Focus Sigil: I created my fury focusing sigil as my single point meditative focus, essentially thinking of stuff to make me angry, then focusing and building the fury like a fire. It's a basic sigil, but personal, so while you can use mine if you like, it might work better if you create your own.

Energy Forms and Energy Mixing: Rage is not a good state to hold the body in for too long. Sympathetic nervous stimulation releases adrenaline and cortisol, heart rate rises, blood vessels constrict stopping digestion and other processes, etc.  Because of this, I would recommend adjusting meditation length based on your own physical health. AKA, try to take care of your body.

In an effort to curtail this, I developed an energy form specific to this task. Essentially, I create an energetic duplicate of myself, take it to the astral plane/spirit world, expose it to a stimuli (in this case, channeling rage 24/7) with evolutionary energy to develop a more specialized energetic form I can wear/shift into to better handle it without injury. However, this form, while protective, made the rage 'feel' much less intense, if focused.

My second effort to protect my body was adding in a current of Willpower, Resistance, and Healing, essentially channeling the anger and healing the damage it did, while not losing myself in it. This seemed to have the best mix of mental rage without excessive body rage.


I want to get in touch with anger without becoming an angry person, so I put a lot of measures in place to come back from the snapping, snarling raged out mess.

Table Flip Sigil: I made this using a dollar store doll table and a quick, goofy sigil. Essentially, staring at the face, I wait until it makes me angry, then flip the table, usually hard enough it goes through the air. It seems to work, and sometimes causes me to laugh afterward.

Rose Quartz Meditation: Another part of my cool down has been holding onto a rose quartz and putting it over my heart while doing mantras to absorb the energy of it. I've been doing a Shobha mantra, replacing ugliness with beauty, but there are likely better mantras and meditations for doing this.

Gratitudes: To get angry, you may think of a lot of stuff that makes you mad, which can build up a view where the world is awful. To counter this, I wrote down gratitudes sometime during the day, listing three things I'm grateful about. I think this kept me from dwelling too much upon the world's problems and seeing the positive as well.

Water/Cleansing: Use as needed. Sometimes, it seems best to drink a lot of water, putting the fire out, so to speak, or doing a cleansing of my aura. I didn't do this every time, but I did it often enough to note.


While I've covered this other places, I think the best way to address this is to say that the rage meditation let me get in touch with fury that I might channel it for goodly use in ritual and trance states, without taxing my body excessively or becoming an angry person. 

It feels as if my ability to channel emotions and energies across the board have increased in tandem, both for intensity and duration.

My ability to focus on a single symbol for a long period of time has been tested and likely improved.