Sunday, March 4, 2018

Post 30 Research Summary

Often, at the end of these, I've done some research or adjusted my techniques, fine tuning what's
going on to make it work better. This is intended to be a list of observations and technique adjustments for anyone who wants to try the same thing.


Pre-Sigil Cleansing: I usually cleanse at some point in the day, but I often cleansed before meditation to ensure nothing crossed over and tainted my rage with unintended energy/intent/consequence.

Focus Sigil: I created my fury focusing sigil as my single point meditative focus, essentially thinking of stuff to make me angry, then focusing and building the fury like a fire. It's a basic sigil, but personal, so while you can use mine if you like, it might work better if you create your own.

Energy Forms and Energy Mixing: Rage is not a good state to hold the body in for too long. Sympathetic nervous stimulation releases adrenaline and cortisol, heart rate rises, blood vessels constrict stopping digestion and other processes, etc.  Because of this, I would recommend adjusting meditation length based on your own physical health. AKA, try to take care of your body.

In an effort to curtail this, I developed an energy form specific to this task. Essentially, I create an energetic duplicate of myself, take it to the astral plane/spirit world, expose it to a stimuli (in this case, channeling rage 24/7) with evolutionary energy to develop a more specialized energetic form I can wear/shift into to better handle it without injury. However, this form, while protective, made the rage 'feel' much less intense, if focused.

My second effort to protect my body was adding in a current of Willpower, Resistance, and Healing, essentially channeling the anger and healing the damage it did, while not losing myself in it. This seemed to have the best mix of mental rage without excessive body rage.


I want to get in touch with anger without becoming an angry person, so I put a lot of measures in place to come back from the snapping, snarling raged out mess.

Table Flip Sigil: I made this using a dollar store doll table and a quick, goofy sigil. Essentially, staring at the face, I wait until it makes me angry, then flip the table, usually hard enough it goes through the air. It seems to work, and sometimes causes me to laugh afterward.

Rose Quartz Meditation: Another part of my cool down has been holding onto a rose quartz and putting it over my heart while doing mantras to absorb the energy of it. I've been doing a Shobha mantra, replacing ugliness with beauty, but there are likely better mantras and meditations for doing this.

Gratitudes: To get angry, you may think of a lot of stuff that makes you mad, which can build up a view where the world is awful. To counter this, I wrote down gratitudes sometime during the day, listing three things I'm grateful about. I think this kept me from dwelling too much upon the world's problems and seeing the positive as well.

Water/Cleansing: Use as needed. Sometimes, it seems best to drink a lot of water, putting the fire out, so to speak, or doing a cleansing of my aura. I didn't do this every time, but I did it often enough to note.


While I've covered this other places, I think the best way to address this is to say that the rage meditation let me get in touch with fury that I might channel it for goodly use in ritual and trance states, without taxing my body excessively or becoming an angry person. 

It feels as if my ability to channel emotions and energies across the board have increased in tandem, both for intensity and duration.

My ability to focus on a single symbol for a long period of time has been tested and likely improved.

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