Monday, January 25, 2010

Experiment Proposition: Energy Shopping

This is a new technique I'm playing around with, which could work to good effect for a variety of purposes.

While walking through the isles of a supermarket, I realized I was surrounded by advertisement, images meant to attract attention, worm their way into my consciousness that I might remember a brand or buy a product. All that energy expended to create a sort of glamour to ensorcell my senses until I fell under the curse of the consumer.

Rather than fall to that energy, I thought to myself, why not steal it? Every one of those packages has energy, resonating from the imagery bouncing around in mankind's collective unconscious, and its far better that I put it to a useful end.

Using visualizations and energy work techniques, I began drawing off energies I might want- the attractive nature of certain products, the energy boost advertised by sugary drinks, etc. Still, it was spontaneous, and while I felt an energy boost in general, I think I need to step it up a notch and try again with some intent.

Experiment Proposed: I want to draw off some energy from a particular brand, firing the logo as one would a sigil, with intent towards a specific task. As I need money, I think I will try to focus on some Finance related logo's (business magazine, piggy bank, wallet, etc.) to fire off and see if I magic up some quick cash.

I'll post the results at a later date with details if this succeeds.

As an aside, I recommend visiting . It's a good place to explore lots of ideas and I plan on posting there a lot.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Myth Cycle

To forewarn, this myth cycle is mine. I made it up, using bits and pieces from my mind and things I've learned over time. It is not, strictly, true, but there are elements of truth within it.

For those who want a new pantheon and belief structure to play with, I offer up these tales.

The Void

There was no beginning, but in the sideways before there was time, in that great nothingness, there was nothing. In this non-time, something stirred, and the stirring was math. There was one thing, the no thing, and the no thing stood alone till the universe realized that there was One sum of Zero. Zero and One were Two measures, and as Zero equaled One and presaged two, Math added itself into existence, a limitless number of forms and shapes. Thus nothing found itself infinite and the universe came into being.

The First Emotions
As math spiraled, added, multiplied, and subtracted its way into existence, there were operations that required decision and probability, and as they were needed, they became. The void grew intelligent and saw that all was it and it was all. It made all decisions and no decisions, for it was the only decider. Thus, to alleviate itself, the One became many and when it saw the others of itself it realized that it had been lonely. But soon, it grew cumbersome and felt a flush of many emotions- rage at being unable to escape itself, frustration, love, sadness, and all the other emotions. It had made the choice that there should be something thinking besides itself but had not yet figured out how to make those selves think differently.

Numbering All Things
As things came to be, the many thinking voids began to number one another, for with numbering there was difference, and with enough difference, they would no longer be alone nor frustrated. Each was a god, yet none were more powerful than the others. Logical inconsistencies left them all groping for answers as to how to operate with one another, yet separate.


In what may have been the universe’s first random lottery, each decided to divide up all the maths they had so that each might only control some of the universe at any time. Division was randomized, and so these many first gods found themselves powerful beyond belief, yet they were incomplete without one another. Though limitations were in some way a burden, they were a gift, for these imperfections made them unique, rather than all the same.

Flaw Logic

A myriad of new forms and creatures were created, and as they grew more limited, they found limits to limitation.
“Too flimsy and surely a being will perish and fade away as if they were never there. Too powerful and soon they rejoin the Void and become limitless again. Such sadness, such wonder. A truly difficult balance it is for the universe to have unique things in it. But still, better something than No Thing.”

In the early times, they did not realize they had made creatures without purpose, but they soon saw the problem.
“Purpose is the fire in their bellies and their reason to perform. When their calculations and formula grow limited and solved, they stop working. How can we avoid this breakdown, for surely we do not want for useless things.”
“Each shall have purpose and purposelessness. For freedom is needed for their unique natures, purpose to make their equation continue. Finite infinite, they shall continue.”

Law and Chaos
Two gods came into being, and they called themselves Law and Chaos. Each was arrogant, thinking themselves free of one another, but they were bound to each other as surely as every negative nullifies its opposite.
Chaos was a shapeshifter, unbound, barely taking form, while Law was more solid than a mountain. The immovable object that was Law spoke to Chaos, the irresistible force.
“I am the eternal unmoving, the indestructible, that which shall always be. You cannot hope to destroy me.”
Chaos struck out with a thousand arms, a thousand arrows, and a thousand of every other thing it could think of, but Law would not be shattered. Yet Law was so solid and Chaos so like the air, like liquid, Law could not contain or control Chaos, but felt itself capable of a great trick.
“Chaos, you have proved your greatness. Surely you are the ruler of all things, so I give you a crown.”
Chaos saw the crown and could not refuse it, for Law spoke truth, and Chaos grew a head to wear the crown.
“Chaos, you have shown that you wear all forms, making you the most beauteous thing in all creation, so I give you these jewels, that you might shine brighter than all things.”
Chaos saw the jewels and could not refuse, for Law spoke truth, and Chaos grew arms, a neck, legs, and a body to wear the many jewels it had been offered. Law took little pride in his trick, for soon he saw that his words carried more truth than he had first realized.
“Chaos, I think perhaps that without you I would be nothing, so I give you my heart.”
Chaos and Law in that moment felt their hatred transformed into love, the irresistible force resisted and the immovable object made to move. In conquering one another, neither was conquered, and in their love came Harmony, but in their hate came Discord.

Harmony and Discord

The two children of Law and Chaos, Harmony and Discord were far more competitive than their parents. Harmony was born in love, but Discord was born from every blow Chaos had put upon Law, every hateful strike they had aimed at each other. Harmony had emerged from Chaos and Laws union, but Discord came from the stirred Void between them.

“This universe, its spirits, its places, its things- all these things are good.”
“It is all shit.”
“We should help them.”
“We should break them.”
“Do you think we would be better off if there was nothing?”
“No… I think it would be better to make it and destroy it again and again until it gave up.”

Discord saw the world as a pair of opposites made to fight for all eternity, while Harmony saw a grand whole in which all pieces could work in unity towards a greater whole. It was not long before they worked to undo the others influence.


Harmony continued to try and help people, but Discord made it a point to ruin all she did. When she built something, Discord destroyed it. When she taught something, Discord perverted it. When she thought something, Discord did her best to distract harmony and rip her ideas apart. When Harmony created, Discord destroyed.

Harmony Evolves

Harmony was ready to give up, when she watched the smaller creatures toil. They tore at the earth, scraped at the ground, and dug holes.
“You are destroying the earth!” she cried. One of the creatures smiled.
“I am not destroying the earth, I am making a hole.” The creature said, before scurrying inside it. Harmony saw the animal’s wisdom, and realized that creation and destruction need not be exclusive. She soon began destroying to create, energy becoming matter and matter becoming energy, and she laughed, for Discord would never see the trick she was playing.

Discord’s Frustration

Harmony let loose some small twirling snakes and Discord watched as they twirled about each other.
“What are those my sister?”
“They are just snakes. They grow, they change, and they make amazing burrows.”
Discord watched as the snakes dug into the world and built bubbles about themselves. Then she smiled and shattered them with a strike of lightning. But the bubbles merely split and continued to grow, and discord struck them again, making more. She growled and burst them apart time and time again.
“Why do they not shatter?”
“Perhaps you should strike the snakes themselves, dear sister.”
Discord sneered and struck harder, tearing the snakes apart, but as the snakes split, another snake formed next to them.
“Ah! Treachery treachery! I shall rip them apart.”
Bit by bit she tore at snakes, but more and more formed, and their splitting did not stop them. Their burrows grew more and more. There were hundreds, then thousands, then untold billions. She knew not how to strike so many, so she became a burning torrent, firing thousands of hot stones at them.
“I shall break them all!”
One by one, the snakes were filled with holes, some shattered, some changed and twisted, and Discord was pleased, till she saw that those who did not die had changed, and their burrows grew ever more complex, ever more wondrous.
“No! Do they not see that I am killing them? They must not continue so.”
So Discord continued to vent, but the snakes grew and changed and though she destroyed, her destruction became creation, and more surely then an artists brush her rage created unlimited forms.

Discord’s Revenge
Discord would never give up trying to destroy the snakes, for she was too proud, but she knew that they could serve her purpose. She stood near their burrows and climbed within, oohing and ahing so that all the spirits of the universe could hear her.
“How wonderful, how rare, how exquisite!” she marveled and the spirits came to see what Discord spoke of.
“Are these not the most wonderful burrows? It is surely a shame that only these snakes should dwell within them. I would love to see them all.” She said, and the spirits shook their heads in agreement.
“They are quite lovely. Perhaps, we could slip inside for a while?”
“Perhaps.” Discord said. The spirits grew more curious and soon explored the burrows and found the snakes uncaring.
“Surely my new home is greater than all homes outside it.” Declared the fish. Other spirits puffed up with pride and went further down into newer burrows.
“Surely, this is the greatest home.” Frog declared, but others went further still. Down and down they went to newer and newer burrows, till they were filled with spirits. It was then that discord filled in the hole behind them to leave them lost within the burrows. Some have dug back out, but others still find themselves lost.

Harmony and the Moles

Harmony saw Discord’s trick and cried, for once again her work had been made to cause disaster. Such beautiful forms her snakes had made, yet so many spirits were lost. She ventured down into the earth, knocking on the walls, trying to find the spirits. There were many empty tunnels and her snakes continued to change and burrow. Far, far down, she heard a knocking back.
“Hello. It is Harmony, I am here to help you find a way out.”
“Out of where?”
“Of these burrows. I can take you back to the universe where you will be free.”
“I don’t know about that. These burrows are all I’ve ever seen.”
Harmony did not realize that so much could be forgotten.
“Well, I came looking for you.”
“I can’t see you, or smell you, only hear you. I’ll ask the other moles.”
The mole spoke in muffled tones.
“They say I must be talking to my echo. Can you show yourself to the other moles?”
Harmony nearly dug into the wall, but the burrow was small and she was afraid she might crush the mole.
“I don’t know if I can fit.”
“Well… I don’t know then if you are my echo or a voice in the dark. I don’t think I can trust either of those, so I think I’ll leave you be.” And the mole moved away from the wall.

Harmony and the Drum

Harmony had tried again and again to get the attention of the moles, the badgers, and every creature within the burrows. A few believed, many did not, but she had not yet found a way to lead them out. She cried. She dug. She beat her fists until echo’s filled the room, a deep thumping noise. She tapped again, the echo came, and she devised a plan.

She climbed out of her hole and looked to make a drum, yet there was nothing she could find. So she took out her lower ribs to form a frame, her own bones to form a stick and her own skin to skin the drum. She beat upon it and it sounded as her own voice in the darkness.

She descended again into her hole and she drummed and the animals listened from within their burrows.

“Such noise, such wonderful noise! How do you make it?”

“It is a song, and it lies within my heart and the drum. Listen to my drumming, I will listen to yours.”

So, the spirits in the burrows fashioned drums from whatever they could find- Harmony played and they played back, yet it seemed they could never match her songs.

“Please, teach us to play as you.”

“Follow my drum beats, I will follow yours.”

Thus they beat the drum together, Harmony and spirits, and the spirits moved up a little out of their burrows. Some turned in fear, but others continued on. Up and up, sweeter and sweeter was the music they made together until finally they met Harmony and she met them.

So spirits spoke at length and learned of Discord’s tricks and the burrows below.

“Truly, the burrows below are both beautiful and frightening. Often, new digging destroys old and we find ourselves lost or buried. If only all knew there was a way out.”

“I have drummed long and hard to find you. Perhaps, if you would drum for others, than others would be lead out.”

Thus some spirits stayed and others journeyed back down into the earth, drumming, singing, and trying to lift others up to see what laid above.

Harmony Sees Treasure in the Burrows
Harmony had spent a long time trying to lead those lost in the burrows to see the world above, so long she had almost forgotten why she had built the snakes in the first place. So she went down among the burrows, slowly, carefully, and was amazed at what she saw. For the snakes had changed so much, that the burrows she made were no longer a small thing, but had many paths, too many to follow, but each was beautiful in it’s own way. Soon, she came to the burrows that she would later call men.

“So splendid as these caverns, so delightful their frames, how could a spirit ever grow tired of it?” Yet as she spent time in these caverns, visiting and overcoming some of the spirits within, she saw that men were both wondrous and terrible, capable of destruction and creation equally. The spirits in them grew strong, but were often unseeing of anything beyond themselves. They crafted tools as she had crafted the snakes and she knew them capable of crafting all things on Earth and perhaps beyond.

“Treasures unknown, new and wonderful, terrible and enticing. It is better than I had hoped! Again and again, like the snakes, they build better and new…” Harmony said, and she saw the treasures of mankind in ideas, in art, in technology, and in their lives, but she worried for Discord had arrived and seemed pleased as well.

“Treasure they will make and treasure they will trash, for mankind seems bent on destruction. With luck, they will destroy themselves, the burrows, and all other things, perhaps time and time again.”

Discord and Harmony Meet Their Brother

Harmony looked upon men and smiled.
“They will build greater and better, and as they build up, one day, they will be beyond your destruction, a new and beautiful thing in the universe.”

Discord laughed.
“Great will be their misery, for greater shall it be for their greatness lost. Each discovery shall be turned to ruination, they will make war and waste of wonder and they will destroy all their potential before the end.”

“They might not do much of anything.”
Discord and Harmony turned and they saw that there was a man standing with them. Neither their father Law nor their mother Chaos, they could not seem to figure out where he came from.

“Who are you that would bring yourself to my wrath?” Discord spoke and the man shrugged.

“I am Stasis, and I don’t do much of anything. Most likely, mankind won’t either. Spin their wheels, rise and fall, and just sort of… be.” Stasis said. Neither Discord nor Harmony knew what to make of this, but the thought horrified them both- just sit there, never moving?

Discord and Harmony Make a Treaty

Discord and Harmony’s shared horror brought them together as sisters against brother often had.

“I do not like what he says sister.” Discord said.
“Nor I. We cannot let him be right.” Harmony replied.
“True. But how shall we make sure he is wrong?” Discord asked.
“We could decide to let only one of us work with mankind.” Harmony suggested, but immediately knew that neither could let the other work alone.
“We shall… both work with mankind. I shall teach my secrets and you yours and we shall see what lessons they hold dearest in their hearts.”
Thus Discord and Harmony both began to work in the world of men in earnest as Stasis sat by impassively, ever watchful, ever without judgment.

The Lessons of Stasis

Thus it was one day that a shaman banged upon his drum and found his way up and out into the universe, and there he met Stasis.
“I have come to the universe, for my people are miserable and alone. What should I tell them?” the shaman asked. Stasis shrugged, sat, and said nothing for a day.
“Indeed you are powerful and so it shall be said.” And the shaman went back down. He returned years later and he spoke to stasis.
“Truly you are wise, for my people have now found solace in their solitude and are no longer miserable. What messages should I carry them?” the shaman asked and Stasis shrugged, sat, and said nothing for a week.
“That… is wise, most wise. I shall tell them immediately.” The shaman said and returned to the earth. The shaman came once more, many years later.
“I am now old and my people have profited from your teachings. I am going to die and I would like to sit with you and share your wisdom one last time before the end.” The shaman requested and Stasis shrugged, sat, and said nothing for a year. The shaman sat down and began to meditate, his body on earth passing away and his soul resting, dead to all the universe save his meditation upon inner silence. Harmony and Discord were incredulous as they saw all this.
“But… but you didn’t do anything!” They said in unison and Stasis shrugged.
“If anything, I lead by example.”

The Lessons of Discord
Thus it was one day that a shaman banged upon the drum and found himself lost in the burrows and came upon Discord.
“Hello there. Are you the Great Spirit?” he asked. Discord grinned.
“I certainly am. Of what do you seek?” she asked, and though her teeth were on edge, her soul malevolent, hers was the dark beauty of all that was profane and immoral and so blinded him to all else.
“My people are starving- our fields fail, our cattle die, and we grow hungry. We have naught but roots and small game. What should we do?”
“You hunger as you are without food- best then to eat your brothers and sisters.”
“I do not wish to kill them!”
“Their death will be a blessing, providing food for you and taking less food from your tribe. Not only that, but when they are eaten, won’t their hunger stop?”
“I see. But will they not feel pain as they die?”
“Pain happens as they live as well. All life causes pain- release them!”
“If all life is pain, then why do we live?”
“That is a lesson you are not ready for, but I will give you a clue: you deserve pain. All deserve pain, but in death it can end. Your world is pain, but my world is pleasure.”
“I see… then… should I kill everything?”
“It might be a start.”
“Perhaps, I will seek wisdom elsewhere.” The shaman said and Discord grew furious.
“No! Seek no Gods before me, for wisdom only comes from one place. All other lessons shall lead you astray. I am the one true God. Live for the next life by killing this one and you will never know my wrath.”
Thus the shaman went back to the world and slaughtered his friends, his family, his enemies, and all things, comfortable in the knowledge that all slaughter brought joy and all destruction ended suffering, no matter how much it caused in the meantime.
“I should’ve started cow tipping a long time ago.” Discord said. She then went about crafting her lessons, creating more and more dangerous ideas to hand to man.

The Lessons of Harmony
Thus it was that shamans had banged upon the drum and spoke to the spirits of the sky, the earth, the animals, gods, the dead, and all things including Stasis and Discord, but had not yet spoken at length with Harmony. The world of men was bleak, for the dead cried out for their murder at the hands of Discord while the men of Stasis sat back and did nothing. Finally, a shaman had come upon Harmony.
“Hello there. Are you the Lady Discord?” the shaman asked, and gripped a knife tightly behind his back. Harmony shook her head.
“No, I am Harmony.” She answered and the shaman sighed.
“I had come to conquer Discord, for her tribe has slaughtered mine and many others.”
“Ah… I do not think you could overcome her so directly. Perhaps I can help.”
“What would you suggest I do? Good men do not do as she does, bringing spear against his brothers, and neutral man sit impassively as their brothers die. Shall I forever run and hide?” he asked and Harmony felt herself cringe, for his words were true. She thought back to how it had started.
“Creation and destruction live hand in hand. Creation may destroy and destruction can create. Though wielding a tool of destruction, you create a better world when defending what you love. But most of all, you must learn to love as much as you can, for love makes the world worth saving.” Harmony said and the shaman felt himself grow sad, then bold. Harmony embraced the shaman once as he returned to the world to teach what he could.

Discord versus Harmony versus Stasis
In time, men began to battle without measure, for reasons of Love and Hatred, Madness and Reason, Right and Wrong. Enlightenments overtook dark ages as surely as dark ages ended enlightenments, and while this went on, Discord, Harmony, and Stasis watched and all could only think the same thing.

“I am winning.”

The Lessons of Man
It had been a long time since a shaman had gone to see the universe, and Harmony and Discord grew curious- Stasis didn’t really care, but both sisters felt strongly enough that he should that they both grabbed one of his arms as they went back down into the world. Going back down, they saw that man had built a great deal and wrote a great deal as well. They dwelled in human forms as spoke to men of learning.
“Do the teachings of Discord still move in the world?” Discord asked and the man scoffed.
“We invented discord, as surely as we invented all things save the universe. Such things will happen in nature.” The man began and gave them a long discourse in psychology, philosophy, and the other arts by which men measure evil.
“Do… do the teachings of Harmony still move in the world?” Harmony asked another man.
“Harmony? Harmony is just man’s sense of a world gone right.” The man said and spoke of art, music, philosophy, psychology, and other arts by which men measure the good in the world.
“….Do the teachings of Stasis still move in the world?” Stasis asked reluctantly after several pokes to the ribs. The man shrugged.
“I guess they haven’t forgotten.” Stasis concluded, though he was dead wrong. The three siblings took a long time and saw that man had created new ideas, new lessons, and new things. One man approached the three as they read through old books of Gods, Spirits, and the Universe as they knew it.
“I see you have asked of Discord, of Harmony, of Stasis. I say all three are dead and gone away. If they are not, they certainly don’t matter, for we’ve gotten along fine without them.” Man said. While Discord had reduced the man to a fine cindery ash a moment later out of spite, his words still stuck in all their minds.

The Gods and Spirits Have an Existential Crisis
While Discord, Harmony, and Stasis had only recently heard this, other gods and spirits seemed unsurprised when they spoke.
“I’ve lived halfway between the universe and the burrows of men for many years, and rarely do I see visitors. The last man I went to speak to said I was only a dream.” Said a ghost as they began to chat.
“But Harmony made the burrows! She made the snakes! I caved the burrows in and they see so much- how can they not see us?” Discord grumbled, for while she wished to bring ruin to all things, she liked getting credit for it too.
“I made the snakes so they would always improve, better and better, changing shape as the world struck at them, so one day they could be something great.” Harmony said and she sighed a moment, bittersweet at how much the burrows had grown, how wondrous and strange and different mankind had become.
“I had thought them to be doing less. They certainly seem to have become busy.” Stasis said… then shrugged. A pink elephant, who had before been quiet, blared a trumpeting blast once for attention before speaking.
“You know, they may think us only dreams, but better than nothing right? I often dance among them, glimpsed only in alcohol fueled hallucinations, but still I manage to sneak a few peanuts from the counter. Perhaps, even as dreams, you can speak to them, even if they don’t believe in you. It might even work better.” The elephant suggested before tromping off to find some booze. Discord would’ve lit it on fire, but she liked the way its big feet crushed things.
“The elephant is right!…” Harmony said, pausing, never having thought such a strange phrase would leave her mouth. She continued.
“We can still speak to them, teach them, whether real or not. In dreams, in art, in every way they let us in they shall see us, hear us, and they will learn our lessons and continue on! Those who are willing to learn will learn, those willing to seek us will find us.” Harmony declared. Discord shrugged.
“Sure. But I’d just as soon they get hit by an asteroid.” Discord said.

Chickens and Eggs

Thus it happened that several men on earth were discussing a parallel conundrum, sure that it was somehow important.
“I’ve been looking at the evidence and I think that spirits can create life. DNA was most likely formed by crystals and it seems the crystallization of water can be effected by emotions. Thus, a spirit might be capable of willing water to crystallize, making it so their presence would lead to the presence of life.” One man speculated, but his companion scoffed.
“I have practiced the arcane arts and created spirits myself. All it takes is imagination, will, and energy and a spirit will take form. Even a childhood imaginary friend can evolve into some form of spiritual life. I think life occurs spontaneously and that life creates spirits.” He said. Others in their presence chewed on this a while.
“Does one really have to proceed the other? Time itself may be an illusion so maybe they are just intertwined spontaneous phenomenon, with no real origin and no real end?” another man speculated, which made several of them grip their heads as their minds painfully tried to adjust to a timeless world.
“Maybe we shouldn’t worry about which proceeds which but instead just be glad we have both.” One man said, while another scoffed.
“You believe in spirits, gods, and all that rubbish for it makes you more comfortable with the idea of death. This is all nonsense.” He said. Another man grinned.
“I wonder if in the spirit world, if they ever argue that mankind is a myth. Certainly we interact with them as seldom as they do us.” He said.
“Quite off topic.”
“Not really. Spirits often seem to echo ideas and concepts we have here. So, even our argument may have life in the spirit world.”

Mankind is a Myth

Some spirits do indeed argue this.
“It is good that we are here in the universe and not among the burrows of the earth. Soon we would lose our way.” Said Dark Matter, smiling.
“I have never been into these burrows. Surely, no creature made by random chance could ever match the splendor of the universe.” Said the Imaginary Number, feeling quite proud to have avoided the temptation.
“I’ve traveled to the world of men. They are real! I’ve even seen them come up here from time to time!” Harmony argued with them, but they shook their heads sadly and whispered to one another.
“Its sad that a goddess like Harmony would so want for balance in things that she needs more than the spirit world.” Said Dark Matter. Imaginary Number nodded.
“Indeed. It’s a pity that some believe themselves created by some Man somewhere.” I.N. said.
“Man was just invented because some spirits feel being created by blind chance is somehow without meaning. Pathetic.” Dark Matter said.
“Hi guys! I feel great today! I think I could tear down a mountain, or at least tear apart some really bad arguments. What are you guys talking about?” Irony said as he took a seat with the other spirits. They leaned in to make sure Harmony couldn’t hear.
“We’re talking about how Man was invented to make spirits feel they serve a purpose in the universe.” I.N. said.
“Isn’t it ironic that you feel the need to tear down the purpose of one spirit to feel righteous in your own?” Irony suggested.
“I don’t think so. Its just how it is.” Dark Matter answered.
“Well, that seems like the kind of proof one gets from well reasoned argument.” Irony replied.
“There is little in the spirit world to suggest man is necessary. Its obvious that at the dawn of time, the void spat forth all high concepts, gods formed from the active side of equation, intelligence came to be, spirits came into existence and the universe has been evolving from that math and spirit since then to create all the spirits we see before us. The proof lies in the forms of all the spirits, leading up to us.” Imaginary Number said.
“Couldn’t Man be part of that? Maybe, since time is an illusion, Man could’ve even started it all.” Irony said. Dark Matter and Imaginary Number bristled.
“Just because we can’t disprove man or there seems to be room for him in the universe does not mean he needs to exist.” Dark Matter said. Irony shrugged at this point. Some spirits would never listen, but Irony had grown stronger for the argument and figured milking it too far might be counterproductive- even Irony can be done in by himself, ironically.

The Myth Cycle of Scooby Doo

The Myth Cycle of Scooby Doo

While most would laugh at the notion that Scooby Doo might be a relevant piece of art to its time, it is even more laughable to most that Scooby Doo would be the source of relevant spiritual truths to the age it was born in. Still, here in I try to unravel the great mystery.

The Real Culprit Is

Atheism. When viewed at its simplest, this is the tale of a group of youths on an eternal quest to debunk the supernatural, to show ghosts, monsters, and magic to be mere shams and parlor tricks. In many ways, this is the atheistic attitude towards religion at large; that these religious organizations try to trick people into believing them, motivate them with fear, then profit from it, pulling the wool over their eyes long enough to claim things that rightfully belong to others. When these illusions are shattered, the crook is revealed for what he truly is, and they all have a good laugh.

While this is simple enough on its face, there are further nuances in their midst that should be accounted for before we settle at this enticing, yet perhaps hasty conclusion.

The Journey, the Travelers, and the Mystery Machine

The Journey itself is an unending one, from mystery to mystery, challenge to challenge, and with each stop, a familiar quest plays out. Much like the long quests of knights for the grail, this hero’s journey is one that seems without rest, but unlike the grail, each challenge follows the same format. The individual quests are not as important as the whole of this journey, to see where our travelers are trying to head and what prize they are trying to claim.

Our four travelers are quite balanced in a mystical way; two male, two female, each in some way corresponding to an element and in some way there are also inversions. Fred, the masculine man, is fire, almost always the first to say that a mystery was a foot, a leader. Daphne, a feminine female of water, her feelings were often made clear. Both of these two were quite typical. Velma, of air and logic, usually the one to solve the mystery, was a masculine woman, not as attractive as Daphne nor as shallow. Shaggy, an effeminate male of the earth, was often primal in his way, fearful in a way most would find emasculating, his skinny tall body a contrast to Velma’s short rounder form.

The Mystery Machine itself is a properly named vehicle, one that conveyed them on their quest in the mystery, towards their great purpose they may never fulfill. A vessel, it bore them from world to world, often only driven in the beginning of the journey.

The Mystery Itself

During the mystery, it has been stated that generally, Fred and Velma find clues, Daphne gets into trouble, and Scooby and Shaggy find food and the monster. It is interesting to note the more masculine characters are the ones to do the work, while the feminine are endangered, very much in the classic lines of knights and damsels. At some point, a trap will be set for the false monster, which in most cases fail, usually do to Scooby or Shaggy. Somehow, they end up catching him anyway, also usually related to Scooby and Shaggy. In a strange way, despite bumbling through, it is often Shaggy and Scooby that steal the show, managing to accidentally make things right. The villain then curses those meddling kids (and sometimes their dog) before being taken away.

So, this still seems in line with the atheistic heroes journey, destroying myth and legend with science and reason… but there is something I have been leaving out, because it is in its way the key to the greater puzzle.

Scooby Doo, the fifth member, the fifth element, the spirit of the group, is a dog. A dog that talks.

I Walk with Dog

So, despite the miracle in their midst, the Dog that talks as man, the group doubts all beings of the supernatural it comes upon, save Scooby and Shaggy. When reversed, Dog becomes God.

Now, the mystery changes slightly as we see that Dog walks with these four as they slay the monsters in their midst. But this is not the Dog many think of, an omnipotent smiter, but a hungry, cowardly, but lovable creature that makes the world better with his presence.

We can see Shaggy as being the devout follower, he who walks with Dog and emulates him in all things. They eat the same, smell, the same, act the same, though there are differences. In many cases, Shaggy is the one who most communicates with Dog and lets others know what Dog wants. And it is at this point that we see a change in their actions.

Despite being beyond the supernatural, beings of logic and reason, they need the help of dog and make offerings to him and his follower, in hopes of gaining Dog’s favor.

Its worth going over Scooby a little more at this point. While a Dog, he is intelligent like a man, with a voice like a man though distorted, but occasionally calls upon his Doglike traits, to sniff out clues or chase cats. In some ways, Scooby need not even be a dog, but the voice that follows him.

Note that the theme song to Scooby Doo could be interpreted as a prayer to Dog to intervene.

So, what is Dog doing for these young people on their quest, and can we solve this mystery?

Monsters or Men?

While the monsters seem to be fake, let us take a moment to look at the clues. Often, insufficient science and trickery are used to make startlingly realistic monsters. Not only that, but they often display traits outside their ken. Elderly janitors smash walls and run at break neck speeds, speeds that men of such age should not be able to achieve. Man or monster? So, is it possible they are real, up to the point of their reveal?

In a modern occult context, this may be the truth, a sort of dark shamanic right. While wearing the mask, the shaman truly becomes that spirit, while once the trance is over, the return to the normal world.

Wrapping it all Up

Seeking in the garden of teen delights, often to music, or carnivals, or other sources of fun, the gang breaks down or is waylaid, into another mystery. Here we see a moment wherein the wandering heroes are presented with a challenge and fall into the other world, where they will learn something of import. They do battle with a monster, calling upon the power of Dog to overcome it. As the enchantment is ended, the monster becomes a man, and our heroes share a laugh with Dog, as he reminds them of his presence through his antics.

To further push this idea, fear is overcome with reason, but only when we turn to Dog for help. Dog is not like an ordinary deity, but is cowardly, motivated primarily by his earthly need for hunger, but he is affectionate and loving and stalwart, forever at the side of his follower.

In a way, it is this following of the need for life, friends, food, and fun that ultimately motivates Dog, and like motivates his followers. When life becomes hectic, we can turn to Dog and he will help, though often not in the ways we expect. The other false creatures are eventually driven and shattered by his presence, the one true miracle in Scooby Doo. And what is it that they Quest for? They strive for life, for food, fun, and friends, to do away with the fear that prevents it.

Anyhow, that’s my own take on Scooby Doo. Perhaps not the best, perhaps utterly false, but I hope you had fun reading it.

Chaos Magick

I'm not here to define Chaos Magick for folks, but perhaps give my quick two cents on it so everything else makes sense.

Alister Crowley called magick the art and science of change in conformity to will... or something like that. Point being, he called it Art and Science.

Sometimes, I like to create new spells, rituals, and approaches to magick, often involving pop culture, fringe science, or any idea I happen to latch onto- this I would call Art.

Often, I will then try out said techniques, spells, rituals, etc. to see how well they worked for me. This method of experimentation and cataloging the results, is the Science part.

So, this blog is bound to grow, bloating with the various things I come up with or try out, as well as occasional occult experiences I have.

We're going to start out with a few things that came out of my brain upon reading a lot of Joseph Campbell.