Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2018 Magic Year in Review

It's hard to sum up 2018, even on just the magic level. It was a beast of year, felt like I'd lived two or more in that time.

So, I'll try to summarize.

On the extroversion level, I taught a few classes at Ann Arbor Pagan Pride, Michigan Paganfest, and entered a few classes into Convocation, one being accepted.

On the Domagick side, I stopped participating at some point. I'd definitely enjoyed the challenges, but divination and other signs seemed to be pointing me towards needing to do some other stuff more.

I read the Invisibles this year. Then reread it a few times. Then saw 23s everywhere, even unto today. If I look at a clock, it's XX:23 more often than math would suggest. I get them other places too.

A good portion of my year was spent on getting a functional model of the spirit world, at least for me. I'm reluctant to talk about all of it because, on some level, I'm worried about putting a half model into people's laps, especially if they're not ready for it. However, I'll talk about what I can and see if it's helpful.

To summarize, I've divided the spirit world into layers, with each layer having an axis it travels along, also making up the material of that level. For instance, as best I can tell, the usual spirit world most interacted with is made up of a "three dimensional" version of time. Spirits and Gods can thus walk back and forth in time, look onto tomorrow, sidestep to other timelines entirely, and jump up and above normal time. However, much like us, they are also moved along an axis they have little control over. For us, the axis is time, inevitably moving forward; for them, I believe the axis is "Passion/Emotion/Energy". As we moved up dimensions, each is in a similar model, made up of it's own stuff, moved by another stuff, and perhaps, most functionally interesting, capable of altering the level below it.

For instance, we third/fourth dimensionals can draw upon a piece of paper or write a story, creating and altering second/third dimensional space. Like gods, we can create and destroy entire worlds. Also like gods, we can find these works growing beyond our ability to control them. Imagine trying to destroy a beloved character like Batman. You'd not only have to destroy every copy of every comic, movie, toy, or other representation of him, but also the minds of every person that ever knew the character. It's near impossible to fathom succeeding in such a venture. Yet you could draw Batman, write a story, and there is nothing Batman can do to stop you (though DC/Warner's lawyers are another matter).

Thus we have a model where on each level, we have godlike entities above us, fiction like entities below us, and a world made of it's dimensional substance we must maneuver through. By understanding these layers and awakening ourselves in each, we can thus exercise and funnel incredible amounts of power and control into our current dimension of occupancy. And the entities we interact with are very much the mages/shamans of their particular level, interacting outside their own dimensional boundaries for various benefits.

The way I see it now, it's magicians helping magicians, top to bottom, bottom to top. On that thought, I think maybe it's our responsibility to help side to side too. Consciousness cultivation is key.

Observation leads to Knowledge, Knowledge empowers Action, Action creates Reaction, Reaction is subjected to Observation, and the cycle continues. With a greater scope of perspective, we can see better realities and gain the knowledge to enact them. My hope this year is to help everyone expand that perception that we might all work toward our better worlds.