Sunday, April 29, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 27-29

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

Busy day. Headed to work early so I could leave early to make it to a film festival where my short would be playing. My alarm didn't go off, so I had to run to work without time for the magick, but after reading Prometheus Rising, I just kept repeating to myself that everything will work out better than I planned it. At that point, I was actually excited by the prospect of doing the magic at a horror convention. New energies, new environment, slightly different mold.

So, when I finally get there through a storm of bad traffic, I start doing the magick in a dark theater watching some horror comedy. I can concentrate well enough to make do, but the flavor was different- dark and fun. It was like my inner goth girl was coming out to play. I managed to get my mold mostly back on track, but I think one of the subpersonality components of my future self is certainly making an appearance.

Results: Danced like a fiend at a party and felt fantastic. Showing of my film went well. Some potential opportunities for future filming brought up. All in all, in the right direction.

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

Still at the horror convention, and finally got a little time alone to work on magick. Went really hard, but it didn't feel hard, it felt amazing. Amped shield, mold, energy, synchronized, trance danced my butt off on the reintroduction. I feel fantastic, but results may still be in the works.

Results: Nothing I could directly trace. Things with film are very slow burn, nothing immediately developing, though absorbed any knowledge I could for future endeavors.

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction.

Another round in the movie theater. It was a little trickier to get into place, different future versions of myself seeming to cut in, but I realize they're all equally valid. Raised less of a shield, less energy deepening, reintroduction went well.

Results: Well, some guy grabbed me inappropriately. I do have to wonder what possessed him to think that was the right action.


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