Sunday, April 22, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 22

Shield, mold, energy, synch, reintroduction.

Today I did my magick at work, though not during work. House felt too busy this morning, and I thought it might be a mistake, but I was having trouble focusing.

I was wrong. Magick at work was great. I shielded harder, molded more thoroughly, and post synchronization, I trance danced enough to get a work out. I felt refreshed and recharged after a very low energy morning.

Observations: Work is a science place, so it had some natural resistance to my changes, which is why I had to go a little harder for the process. Additionally, the mold had slipped in a very business type direction, which is interesting. Whether a result of mental process or energy of place, I almost want to try some other locales and see what kind of 'slips' I get.

Results: Felt pretty good today. Got time off for a film festival I've got a film playing at. Nothing else amazing on the financial, gender transition, or magic AF levels, but positive energy is definitely up.


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