Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 7


Strange little mystery continued. Offering was taken by Echidna's new beau, who I still don't know exactly who they are. They look like the minotaur, but seem to have other attributes, great intellect, ability to transform and forge things. Not really sure what's going on there.

Looking into some Babylonian myth, but if anybody knows of any masculine, bull like gods, wouldn't mind getting a lead.

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 6


Today, after bringing the offering, Echidna asked me to shred it and feed 'the babies'. A large nursery of countless little writhing monsterlings, I scattered the bits to their waiting maws. I asked if the children were recent, she said yes. I asked if I could meet the father, and she said 'maybe next time'.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 5


Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a hydra fan girl. I love the hydra.

Today's offering was welcomed and Echidna covered my eyes before revealing that hydra was there. It was mostly nonsense chit chat, no real lesson I can articulate. However, Echidna implied that some of her children have father's other than Typhon, which sort of makes sense since he's trapped beneath a mountain. Looking forward to meeting more children, or maybe Echidna's new paramour?

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 4



Today went much smoother.

The next of Echidna's children I met was a new form called W0RM (or at least, it enjoyed the name). Writhing and digital, W0RM eats it victim's from the inside out, eaten puppets. Gruesome, but their manner was relatively jovial, and they did not seem vindictive despite their methods.

Echidna offered me some of her milk. I took it graciously, and it seemed to curdle immediately. I dry heaved for about five minutes, letting whatever spirit stuff I needed to vomit out come up. She said it would alleviate an unwanted part of my humanity, though I've yet to determine what that part is. Perhaps I'll know by tomorrow.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 3


Third Meet Up:

The offering had to be upgraded to meat today.

Not that it mattered. Stuff went sideways and my meeting with Echidna was brief and unproductive. Tomorrow is another day, I'll try again then.

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 2


Second Meet up: The Lessons of the Lion

I met the lion upon a field. The Nemean Lion's hide cannot be pierced by weaponry, making him a superior opponent to most. His lesson was essentially one of conquering prejudice- there is always someone or something stronger, and if you feel yourself superior, it is only a matter of time before you meet something that makes you rethink that sentiment. In other words, if might makes right, you'll eventually be wrong.

Do Magick 30, Summoning- Brood of Echidna Day 1


First Meet up: Hunting with the Manticore

The description pretty much says it all. After making offering to Echidna, I was called to the lower world and met the Manticore. Together we hunted in an underworld labyrinth. Manticore's hunting instincts have much of the cruelty of the cat in them, but also instinct to caretake as the kill was brought back to be split with Echidna.

Do Magick 30 Summoning- Brood of Echidna- Research

Do Magick 30- Summoning Research

Brood of Typhon and Echidna

I've made offerings and overtures to Echidna, Mother of Monsters before. Now I am going to meet her children each night, one by one, in hopes of gaining their favor.

I do not expect they will all follow the Greek myths verbatim. After all, how many children did she have? Can they be numbered?

My method is simple. Offerings to her each day, meet at night with journey work, and each child and situation will be ascertained individually.

My research is this first night, this first offering, to set the tone for the next 29.