Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 3

So, operation went as normal. I've been slowly amplifying the intensity of all the steps each day, just a bit more energy, bit deeper void, a bit stronger shield. I don't think I'll continue this trend through the whole 30, but if it feels as if I'm getting results, who knows?

My trance state was much more fidgety, and after I finished, I felt like dancing, and did, probably for about 15 minutes or more. I've exercised every day since starting, and I think that trying to get the body and life I want will require that physical element. I'm definitely thinking I'm going to follow my passion as best I can during this process.

I'm feeling a lot freer, even more so than during my transition meditations. Those meditations seemed to me to be the refining and sealing of my intent, where this is the actual attainment of said intent. I think I'll dress up today and stroll on out- fuck the haters.


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