Thursday, November 30, 2017

Twas the Night Before DoMagick

(Originally posted in Facebook group, but here for posterity)

Twas the Night Before Domagick,
and all across the net,
the magicians were readying,
to take up the bet.

30 days of the month, and 30 minutes each day,
meditations aplenty, right through the holidays,
Their research was plenty, their resolve wound up tight,
in hopes they could manage the goal in their sight,

when what to their pondering eyes did appear,
but a parody poem full of holiday cheer!
And though many were solemn, a few kept on reading,
to see if the poem had any deep meaning.

For the author had started, intent to reveal,
how they'd been meditating for days prior to establish a feel,
for when it would stop, and when it would start,
and all the inner characters playing a part.

The Fury! The Statue! The Angel! The Child! The Serpent! The Dancers! The Masks of Denial!

But as the words had traveled from finger to key,
a title appeared that had filled them with glee.
“Twas the Night Before Domagick!” Now that has a ring!
And perhaps would be wasted on a blog posting thing.

So instead, filled with madness, convinced of it's merits,
They dreamed up the rhymes, and worse, they would share it!
For the holiday rush that approached is not kind,
to those who were looking to quiet their mind.

For guests all arriving, for shopping not done,
for fourth quarter work firmly under the gun,
for inclement weather and seasonal blues,
for embarrassing questions of religious views,

will work against all our thought present acts,
sights, sounds, & smells, and tastes that distract.
In the face of this yuletide, of holiday fare,
How can we stay true to our 30 day dare?

So I imagine it all, all the foods, all the lights,
the songs, and the parties, the magical nights,
and the snow falling down, cold quiet and white,
and it bury it all in the silence of night.

Barren, plain, cold, and quiet.
May each of us quell the holiday riot.
No need left for toys from elves,

we'll find our gifts within ourselves.

Merry Do Magick 30 Day Challenge!


If you're still tuned in, the impetus for this silly rhyme was wanting to elaborate on my meditation practice, specifically the third part, with inner worlds and spirits and such.

So, inner worlds. Essentially our minds, and maybe our souls and bodies, carry a universe within them. In my own experience, spirits within these inner worlds can be just as powerful and meaningful as any astral god or spirit. Often, these entities work like parts of ourselves. In particular, I've discovered certain one's at work within myself.

The Fury: A demonic rage beast type thing. Seems to shield me from things that would threaten me. Somewhat, a kind of armor. Found a whole lot of buried stuff in this guy, mostly forms of things that have made me afraid in the past.

The Angel: A secret self, the part of me that just wants to help and heal. Cheesy, but true. Afraid to be seen.

The Other Angel: Hyper dimensional, powerful, representative of what I could be versus who I am.

The Child: Playful weaver of dreams, they live in a sort of biological space where flesh weaves and forms into anything imagined.

Other Forms: I've been building a lot of alternate astral bodies and forms for my use in various works. Sometimes it's just me in a costume, but some of them seem to have distinct personalities I can contact and interact with.

Other Other Selves: These are kind of too numerous to count. The every day sort of selves we put on like masks. The Work Self. The Family Self. The Friend Self.

Past Life Selves: Not really gotten deeply into this, but not ruling it out at this stage.

Special Guest Stars: Sometimes spirits and gods visit, invited or not. Well, we'll see.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Domagick 30 Day Challenge Meditative Acts Research- Transition Meditations

Fear and loathing. These are probably the main ingredients that have held back my transition for so long. I always feared what others might think of me, and to a degree, I still fear it, but what I finally began to fear more was a life lived without being true to myself. Despite getting therapy, slowly coming out to friends and family, I still feel afraid and disgusted with myself, often overachieving in other areas of my life rather than deal with what felt like an insurmountable obstacle to become who I really wanted to be.

And now I'm sick to death of waiting. While things like doctor visits may have to wait, the real obstacle is a mindset full of mental traps and restrictions holding me back, and it's time I disarmed them and moved on.

My transition meditations will be three part mind, body, and spirit meditations.

Starting with the body, I'll go through a series of affirmations about my physical appearance.

Moving on to the mind, I'll be doing some NLP style reprogramming, reducing bad memories by mocking them, graying them out, and otherwise disarming them, while shining up the positive messages. I'll also be building an alternate time line, the 'what ought to be' and the world I'd rather live in- not as an escape, but as a sort an exercise in seeing how the world could be.

The last bit will be spirit and journeys into my inner worlds. This part may be the most tricky as I will be exploring and tinkering with a cast of characters featuring in my various astral temples, safe spaces, etc. There will be varying levels mystical reality, from vague mental constructs to potential spirit guides and inner demons. My trial run has already turned up some interesting stuff, a monster inside me guarding past traumas, higher selves leaving puzzles, etc.

I'm using some binaural beats to time my sessions, so I'm not late for work. Will pretty much be the first thing I do every morning for the month.

During my last 30 day challenge, I got evicted midstream. This time, I'm evicting my fears.


Resource List:

Affirmations: Kind of ubiquitous, I think I kind of got these through cultural osmosis and Stuart Smalley skits, but here's a link to a basic guide.

NLP Resources: Introducing NLP by Joseph O'Connor and John Seymour
Hands on Chaos Magic by Andrieh Vitimus

Inner Journeys: I learned this one from convocation classes and sort of adapted as needed. Basic description is to calm the mind, close your eyes, and count down from 10 and imagine steps going down, entering the heart/the mind/the inner temple/body/whatever visualization brings you to your inner universe. Usually, there will be a door/gate of some type in.

Sometimes, the imagery comes spontaneously. I most often see my foot and the step first, but it can range from literal steps to mountains, to spots of light, and more.

Binaural BeatsBinaural Beat I Use
Just search youtube or google, plenty of free resources for this.