Thursday, April 12, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 12

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, & reintroduce (via synchronizing).

Operation was the same today overall, with a much smaller height to the energy after checking on the mold and making sure it lined up properly. Reintroduction was more of a synchronization, the energy reintroducing to the universe like a natural fit puzzle piece, as if it had always been.

Results: Hard to say. Nothing 100% tangible, but there are little threads here and there- glimpsed at a book I didn't know existed called Hermaphrodeities. a transgender spirituality workbook, that looks fascinating. Can't say much yet, but perhaps it will help me on my way.

Feel like I've got some major moves to make soon. I've got four criteria, and while I feel I've made some progress in female presenting (doctor appointment), movies (new screenplay started and meeting with film friends), & magic AF (absorbing more books and doing more practice), the financially sound one feels a little neglected. I also think I need to get further on all of these goals if I can. Still have 18 more days!

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