Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 4

Same process- shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduction- but I did it on my feet today. I've tried both standing and sitting the past few days as well as my first tries at the technique prior to the challenge.

I pushed the shield, energy and mold further today, synchronized, but on reintroduction, I began dancing. I've tranced and danced before, but it feels so spontaneous with this work, I think it must be part of getting toward the better me. Dancing is my favorite form of exercise, and if I keep at it, I can lose weight, shape muscle, and feel good about my body, so it seems like a winner.

Result: So, my therapist just happened to have information I needed to get in contact with my PCP. Getting in touch with them is a useful step on my way to transition, so I'll be trying to schedule an appointment today.

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