Saturday, April 21, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 20 & 21

Day 20:

Shield, Mold, Energy, Synchronize, Reintroduction.

Today's was a good one. Trance broke a sweat dancing, and I felt out the mold slipping a little further, most variations simply being manifestations of the main mold. It was like I already have the car, and I was just slipping into some different gears, so to speak.

I was also struck by the idea of not just being my best future self, but being my best present for the day. It struck a chord and I ran with it.

Results: It was a pretty awesome day. Nothing super femme or fame or financial, but I was pretty god damn entertaining at metaphysics discussion. Labarodora.

Day 21:

Shield, Mold, Energy, Synchronize Reintroduction

I sort of picked up on what I was putting down yesterday, being my best self to start. I also let go my occasional hang up of feeling things NEED to be hard. I've built up my energetic practice and reflexes for a reason, so sometimes I just need to trust myself and do the thing.

My dance was reduced to wiggle on the couch, but sometimes that's life.


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