Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Do Magick 30 Alchemy- Void Magic Day 10

Shield, mold, energy, synchronize, reintroduce.

Today I woke up later from a rather late night- Tuesdays are my weekend so I stayed up a little. My morning void magic was delayed until after a shower and roommates left house.

I made it a point to attach the shield to me so I could dance around the house, rather than within a small sphere. Molding prior to adjustment was a relatively realistic assessment for the near future, but I'm pushing to get the mold just a little further to ensure smooth path to the better future self. I pushed the energy much less today- instinct seemed to suggest the subtlety would work better than hammering the change in. Synched and reintroduced, the final synchronization spent on the floor- I think I brought my energy too into baseline, my future self requiring/running on more, and the difference feeling stark in a bad way.

So I took in some energy post ritual and took a seat to write up this post.

 Results: Nothing much of note yesterday. Still on diet, still working on voice, still exercising.


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