Thursday, May 31, 2018

Do Magick 30 Enchantment Research


Research for DoMagick 30 Preamble and Outline

As a note, I really wanted to start the June challenge on the 1st, but for what I have planned, I want an altar in my own home, and right now, I've not found a place. I think that will change before the end of June, but until it does, I will not officially start. That being said, I am excited about what I've cooked up this time.

There's a whole lot to unpack here, so I'll start with an outline.

In basic, I'm doing one really big working to create a servitor to assist in matters of fame, fortune, and fertility, ending with a series of evocations and invocations. Following some symbolic logic, this servitor is going to be a movie star, but also a cow. Her name will be Aurora Cattlestar, and she's going to be a pretty big deal if I do this right.

Forging the Servitor

This is going to be the majority of the challenge. There are going to be seven physical items corresponding to seven chakras. The first week will be cleansing and banishing these items, creating sacred space for them. The second week is going to be a series of invocations to various entities to charge each piece. The third week I will fire a sigil for each piece with this energy as the items are assembled, ending with an eighth sigil for the purpose of summoning and assembling the final spirit. He final days I'll begin working with the spirit, evoking her for a few days to get a feel for her energies, with the last few days being an invocation as hard as I can before casting a series of spells for self, friends, and families.

Beef Fast

I'm going to attempt a beef fast during this time. Due to economics being what it is, this could be tricky.


While I will share the final sigil that others might be able to summon her, I'll be keeping all the other pieces a secret. It's fine for others to summon and work with, but I'd rather her internal organs be hers alone. To that end, I'll likely burn all of them with no pictures available, with only the final sigil remaining.

Obtaining Blessings

Very much going on the lines of this being a sort of birth blessing deal. Quite literal god mothers in some cases.

Root Chakra
Item: Leather
Invocation: Cow Spirit
Going with a simple spirit world journey to whichever spirit of cow I find. I plan on offerings of grass and milk.

Sacral Chakra
Item: Cup/Chalice
Invocation: Hathor
Have an invocation at the ready, will make an offering of fruit.

Middle Chakra:
Item: Little Moons
Invocation: The cow that jumped over the moon.
Will repeat the nursery rhyme.

Heart Chakra:
Item: Gem hearts
Invocation: Audumhla, by way of the Fehu rune

Throat Chakra:
Item: Bells
Invocation: Hera
Invocation, potentially offerings of incense and other items

Third Eye:
Item: Eyes
Invocation: Hakutaku
Found an invocation for eating bad dreams; will use and describe some of my most intense nightmares as an offering.

Crown Chakra:
Item: Figurine
Invocation: Kamadhenu
Mantra work.

Evocation and Invocation:

The last few days I'll be doing some evocations to get a feel for Aurora's energy and attitude, making offerings, and feeling out a basis for our working relationship. I'll end on an invocation using methods from Hands on Chaos Magic, as it's some of the best invocation information I've ever seen in print.

With Aurora invoked, I'll be doing three blessings for three people.

Since I've got the time, I'll try to contact all the entities involved before I start the ritual proper to ensure they're all on board. While my divination for this project is a green light, it never hurts to be thorough.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Post Do Magick 30 Alchemy Review

So, I put in four different benchmarks for making progress, and I reviewed all 30 days to see where I'm at. I'm throwing a letter grade on them, followed by some explanation.


Transition: B- Got a lot of significant work done, but I really wanted to be further along in getting on hormones and replacing my current wardrobe.

Vocal exercises in car nearly daily. Some compliments on my voice.
Exercise and diet ¾ of month. *stopped last week due to long work week and to have full mental capacities
So much trance dancing, which does help with the exercise.
Changing pronouns discussions.
Came out to boss and friend at work.
Primary care physician visit, talk about HRT and transgender clinic.
Wore pink at work and reveled in the reactions, rather than be put off by them.
Small femme moments.

Financially Sound: D- I'm experiencing some difficulties on this front. Hopefully, will manage to get done what I intended to get done today and get on my way to moving out ASAP.
Apartment application rejected.

Movie Stuff: B- Got back into contact with several important people, got the gears slowly grinding on movie stuff. Nothing immediate, but moving in the right direction.
Got back into contact with a few people with promising leads
Talked to manager and started a new screenplay
Got time off for film festival.
Premiered my short film
Entered several film contests

Magic AF: C- I feel pretty magic, but I've purposely been doing less magic this month to ensure results were from void magic and not conflated with some other practice. Even laid off of offerings this month (it felt as if I'd gotten a signal to do this one solo).
To get to the Best Future, one must also be their Best Present.
Spontaneous vision of a past life existence.
Made it all 30 days despite a lot of distractions.


The technique is simple, but there have been some mild modifications as I go.

Shield- whatever method works for you. Making this a sort of banishment where your universe is in the bubble and the rest of the universe outside is how I'd try to spin it. I try to make the shield stronger than the mold or energy level in further steps as I want to reintroduce the energies without being them being modified by outside forces, a purity of intent maintained.

Mold- Finding the 'hollow' within which rests the reality you currently have and are currently heading towards. Realize that the hollow is as complicated as reality itself- it goes backwards and forwards in time like everything else. Feeling out the hollow, you can shape your present mold in hopes of changing where your future will go.

Energy- This is your current energy within the mold, your subtle body, soul, what have you. This will inevitably rest within the mold. As your energy changes, it can can change the mold, and vice versa. Thus, when you get a feel for your energy body's state, begin to-

Synchronize- This is getting the mold and energy body to match. I tend to increase my mold's "depth", then increase my energy level, so they keep going step by step to being more real than any other overlapping reality.

Reintroduction- Once the energy and mold feel right, I begin to reduce the shield, mold, and energy simultaneously, to slip them back into reality, like a puzzle piece that now fits perfectly. During this reduction, I've often found myself slipping into a trance dance, whirling, seething, etc. I think it's a sort of grounding effect, a way to shunt off extra energy or send it where it needs to go.

As I near the end, I often visualize and feel the shield locking into place with reality like a part back in place, before dissolving the shield in such a way that reality within the bubble matches up to the reality outside the bubble. Installing something new that fits seamlessly within the whole.

I think this was a successful experiment, and one I can't judge based in a 30 day time window. I made some pretty big strides that I often underestimate. While I find myself shooting for the moon and complaining about the stars I land in, I have to also embrace that most of the things I want to do are not done in 30 days. Not making movies, not transitioning, not finances, and not being magic AF.

With that in mind, I'm going to keep doing this practice as long as it suits me in hopes of getting to all those goals. I have a lot on my plate, and the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.