Thursday, March 29, 2018

Research Post for April Do Magick 30- Letting Go and Tidying with Void Magic

I kind of wanted to do something that took what I'd developed in the previous 30 Day Magick challenges and combined them into some greater whole. Took me most of the month to find something that felt right, and this is where I ended up at after some accidental successes.

I recently made a 'portable sacred space' for a friend, enchanting an altar cloth with called corners. In doing so, I wove in something I used to call 'antithetical' energy when I was a teenager, which is really sort of a mislabel. It's essentially a void form, the hollow within which the universe fit, the mold or blueprint, and having done so, he remarked upon how powerful it felt.

This lead me to further experiments with this void energy in creating sacred space and felt the results very much a missing part of my energy equations. I can call in all kinds of energy to do things, but all too rarely do I make the space for them to arrive in, and that feels like my missing element.

In essence, I'm going to be banishing with void, forming the mold for the next chapter of my life, and doing away with old tethers holding me back. There's a future me I want to be and that means clearing the path to get there.


My goal is to achieve the future me I've been working toward, my best self. Sign posts of this are 1) Female presenting, 2) Succeeding in movie stuff, 3) magick AF, and 4) financially sound. If I can make progress on any of these, I'll feel I've succeeded, and if on all four? I'll feel downright accomplished.

Step 1: Shielding
Essentially, going to be forming the strongest shield bubble I can and pushing outward to separate myself from basic reality.

Step 2: Molding
I'll then be altering my own void mold to be a future me, one on HRT, dressing and living how she wants to live. 

Step 3: Energy Body
Once I've got the mold in place, I'll shift my personal energies to match the mold as best I can.

Step 4: Synchronizing
Time will be taken to get energy body and void body to an equalized state.

Step 5: Reintroduction to Reality
Shielding, molding, and energy body will all be slowly reduced as ordinary reality reconnects. The idea here is to sort of sneak it back in and match my reality with baseline reality, rather than being disruptive.

Also going to be destroying/removing/throwing out things I feel are holding me back, whether it be old relationships, goals, belongings, etc. It's going to be one heck of a month!

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