Friday, March 2, 2018

Do Magick 30: Rage Meditation Day 30

Meditation: ~15 minutes, +10 minutes cool down

Today I tried to see about using what I've learned to do... well, something. Honestly, I just focused all my fury into a rock that had snuck in my way and I'd felt the urge to pick up. I imagined the sigil buried in the rock and then let loose, doubling and redoubling the energy over and over again until it felt like I couldn't fit any more into the stone. I then wrapped a ward around it, keeping the fury 'radiation' from leaking out into the environment. I think I might keep it for when I need to throw some fury into a working of some type.

My cooldown involved table flips, a whole lot of laughter, rose quartz, and meditation.

Results: This do magick 30 is different than the first two I did. Those were life changers in a very spiritual, sweeping emotional sense. This was more of a work out, but a needed one. I feel strong, like I can push a whole lot more energy than when I started. I learned to balance out energies to minimize injuries. I maintained discipline in staring at something for long periods of time, even if it got boring.

Getting mentally/spiritually swole may not be as exciting as exploring inner worlds or talking to giant snakes, but I'm sure the greater benefits of practice will make themselves known as time marches on.

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